My Second Week on Weight Watchers Simple Start

Today I went to my Weight Watchers weigh in after completing my second week on Weight Watchers Simple Start. I’ve been eating A LOT of food, haven’t felt hungry at all and now that I’m used to the Simple Start plan I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything – I’m used to not having butter on sandwiches, crumpets or jacket potatoes and have stopped having cheese sprinkled on my baked beans! After two weeks my mindset has definitely changed.

Considering I haven’t felt hungry at all during the two weeks, that I lost 5.5lb last week and that I have been making use my allowed daily treats to have 4 Jaffa Cakes each day I really didn’t think I’d see a weight loss today.

Again I was surprised – 2.5lb lost!

I have now lost 8lb in 2 weeks and am now at my lowest weight since I became pregnant with Little Man and I am only 2.5lb above my goal Weight Watchers weight. When I was last at this weight losing any more seemed like a huge task and not easily achievable. Now I can see that I can keep losing weight as long as my focus continues.

I now have a few choices. I can carry on with the Simple Start or I can do the ‘Flex’ plan where I continue to eat my Simple Start foods but replace by daily treats with 49 points per week. The alternative is going back to counting all of my points every day and having extra weekly points on top.

Realistically I’ve got used to eating from the Simple Start foods and I think now that if I went back to counting points it wouldn’t fit in with our lifestyle – it’s a lot easier for me to carry on as I have been and if I fancy a treat, some butter on my jacket potato or a meal out then I can have it from the 49 points on the Flex plan.

Starting 2014 weight: 11st 6.5lb

Weight Change This Week: -2.5lb

Today’s Weight: 10st 12.5lb

Total Weight Left To Lose: 2.5lb to get to WW goal, 12.5lb to get to Personal goal

Gold Weight Watchers Weight: 10st 10lb

My Personal Goal Weight: 10st

My Second Week on Weight Watchers Simple Start

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