A Second Gro-Clock

Long time readers may remember that we reviewed a Gro-Clock back when LP had only just turned two. Since then I haven’t really updated on whether it carried on working for us but now seemed like a great time to write about it. You see, LP loves her Gro-Clock so much that we had to buy a second one for Little Man.

LP has used her Gro-Clock literally every night for the last 2.5 years. She no longer needs us to read her the book before bed and instead knows that when the face is blue with stars on it’s still time to be asleep and only when the face is bright yellow does it mean that it’s time to get up.

The Gro-Clock has been great for LP. She has always known that she isn’t allowed to get up too early and instead she can play in her room, read books or just rest in bed until the sun comes up. At that point she can come into our room to start the day.

A Second Gro-Clock

Little Man had been waking regularly at 6:30am so we decided it was time to get him his own Gro-Clock. LP’s one is set for 7:20am and ideally we’d love to carry on this amount of sleep for at least a while. So we have invested in a second Gro-Clock and at 7:20am Little Man will be at the baby gate at his bedroom door, shouting for us to look at his Gro-Clock. Every morning he is so excited that the sun has come up.

For us, Gro-Clocks are fantastic and something that we can’t imagine not having in our lives. LP is just starting to read a proper clock so I guess at some point she’ll use that to gauge whether it’s time to get up instead of the Gro-Clock but until then they’ll both keep saying goodnight to the sun each evening before bed.

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