Three Ingredient Mars Bar Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

It’s no secret that I love making slow cooker fudge and most weeks I try to think of a new recipe to make. This week I decided to make a Slow Cooker Mars Bar Fudge recipe as Mars bars are one of my favourite indulgent treats and something that are just so easily available too.

Amaretto and Cherry Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

When I was brainstorming new slow cooker fudge flavours to try, Colette suggested Amaretto and Cherry as one of her favourite chocolates is the Cherry Deluxe from Hotel Chocolat. With a mix of an Amaretto ganache and cherries it sounded like a winning combination – and one I couldn’t wait to experiment with.

Baileys Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

If you ask me what my favourite alcoholic tipple is I would probably say gin. But, if you ask me the same question at Christmas I would say Baileys without hesitation. But, I always make sure I buy enough Baileys at Christmas to last a good chunk of the way through the year! With that …

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Salted Caramel Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

A few weeks ago we made a super easy caramel fudge and since then we’ve really wanted to give salted caramel fudge. Salted caramel is one of our favourite flavour combinations but it always feels so difficult to get anything that is salty enough when billed as salted caramel!

Chocolate Kinder Style Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe

Over the last year or so we have made so many fudge recipes and I love experimenting with tastes and flavours. One of my favourite types of chocolate is Kinder, with that fantastic mix of white and milk chocolate which I wanted to replicate in a slow cooker fudge.

Our Favourite Slow Cooker Fudge Flavours

Ever since I first made a simple slow cooker fudge I haven’t been able to get enough of it. I would make it every week if I could and it’s one of my favourite parts of baking and something we often do on a rainy day.

Slow Cooker White Chocolate Valentines Fudge Recipe

It’s so nice to make a sweet treat to celebrate any occasion and this white chocolate fudge is perfect for Valentines. It would make a lovely gift or treat to share with family or friends and can easily be tweaked to enjoy throughout the year too just with different sprinkles!

Slow Cooker Kinder Bueno Fudge Recipe

Ever since we made Kinder style fudge a while ago I’ve wanted to make Kinder Bueno fudge – and that time finally came! It felt like the perfect recipe to make in the run up to Christmas – and I can only apologise that it’s taken me a few weeks to share it. Don’t worry, …

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Slow Cooker Kit Kat Fudge Recipe

I love making slow cooker fudge and am slowly working my way through all the classic flavours. My latest creation is Slow Cooker Kit Kat Fudge which is easy to make and tastes delicious.

Slow Cooker Galaxy Fudge Recipe

Our latest fudge recipe is a rich and creamy, Galaxy Fudge. It’s perfect for any Galaxy chocolate fan and tastes absolutely delicious. It’s a recipe you can make all year round to enjoy yourself, share with friends or give as a gift.