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Dave and I are gradually updating our house. We’ll paint a room, buy some furniture and put new light fittings in. Everything takes so much time as we have to organise it around work shifts and the children so I spend my time planning the next things for us to update, organise and improve.

We’ve just been updating our bedroom although haven’t got around to decorating it yet and have made our living room a lot more child friendly with new furniture too – But again haven’t painted yet! There is always something on the list that needs doing and some things that need doing more than others.

The current plan of mine is our kitchen/dining room. Long term plans involve a big new extension and change to the floorplan of the room but I don’t think I can stay happy with the kitchen/dining room for the ten years or so it will take us to save for an extension! I am planning a mini update at the moment. The ceiling needs to have the lovely dated artex stripped and then skimmed with plaster. I would like new light fittings put in at the same time and then the room painted a nice fresh green!

I’ve been looking everywhere for lighting and think we will decide on a style from Lamp Commerce. The kitchen area is easy – Spotlights will be put back in as they direct light into the right areas, are low cost and energy efficient. Plus, having them in the ceiling means that they don’t get in the way or gather dust. I love the minimalist looks of spotlights.

But my main issue is our dining room area. At the moment, if we have guests, the dining table needs to be pulled out. I would love lights that come down low over the dining table but as the table isn’t always in the same place these lights wouldn’t be at all practical. I also don’t want anything ultramodern as we have a fairly relaxed, homely, lived in house and super modern furnishings really aren’t our style.

At the moment we are living with this:

In Search of Dining Room Lighting

So anything would be an improvement! I no longer want office lighting in my dining room but have no idea what would suit the space. I love chandeliers but don’t think they’re in keeping with a family friendly kitchen/diner.

So, I need something family friendly, something that suits a period home with relaxed, vaguely shabby chic decor and something that can be central to the room when the dining table is off centre. It isn’t the easiest of briefs and something that I have been thinking about for literally months.

As you can tell, I’m not an interior designer and have very limited design skills! If I like something, I buy it and don’t tend to think things through this much. But dining room lighting isn’t something I can impulse buy and is also something I could mess up easily!

Do you have any advice? What lights would you have? I’m in desperate need of an interior designer to come along and tell me what to choose!

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