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Now that LP is back to school, weekday mornings are as hectic as they were before the summer and soon Little Man will be at preschool too – giving us even more to sort out on a school morning.

I try to get as much done the night before as possible but there are still book bags to find, drinks bottles to fill up, coats and shoes to put on – as well as breakfast to be eaten.

I usually try and get up a little earlier than the children, to jump in the shower, dry my hair and hopefully throw some clothes on before they wake – and the conveyor belt of toilet trips, helping them to get dressed and brushing teeth starts.

Saving Time on School Mornings with Wilkinson Sword

As those mornings are just so busy I try and save time wherever possible. With that in mind, Wilkinson Sword sent me one of their Intuition Ultra Moisture Razors, which lathers, shaves and moisturises all in one go, shaving minutes off the time it takes me to shave my legs.

Saving Time on School Mornings with Wilkinson Sword

Previously, I would never have even attempted to shave my legs on a school morning, opting for trousers or thick tights instead! But now, having lovely smooth legs every morning is possible – and takes no time at all during my morning shower – as there’s no need to lather up my legs first, saving so much time.

The Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture boasts four incredibly thin blades with guard wires to reduce nicks and cuts as well as a pivoting head to closely follow the contours of your body. It’s been so lovely to shave with and so quick too!

When I’m out of the shower and dressed, the usual school morning madness starts, but, I feel a little bit better for having had those couple of minutes to pamper myself – ready to face the day.

Our morning routine is pretty finely honed now, a system that works for us and where LP and Little Man can help too, with little things like putting their pyjamas in the washing basket and their breakfast bowl in the sink. So it’s nice to be able to add extra things to this routine without having to skip something else.

Thanks to Wilkinson Sword I have not only saved time on a school morning but I have also added something to my routine that just wasn’t possible. It’s so nice having smooth legs each morning!

Saving Time on School Mornings with Wilkinson Sword

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  1. Haha I’m not sure about before school in the mornings but I always forget to shave my legs so I like the idea of it being a bit quicker when I need to do it in a hurry!

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