Saving Smarter with the Aviva Financial Personality Tool

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I’ve written before about how my husband and I got both into and out of debt. Since then I have worked hard to educate myself in financial matters and I have, at times, had a strict budget and even stricter savings plans. Even so, I am always looking for new ways to learn more about not only savings and how to make my money work harder but also about my relationship with money as well.

As a nation, we spend more than we save and the savings to debt ratio is expanding. The introduction of contactless cards has resulted in significantly higher spending and so Aviva have created a Financial Personality Tool to get Britain to save smarter.

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The Aviva Financial Personality Tool is a great way to understand more about your spending and saving habits and your overall relationship with finances. The tool asks you over thirty questions to gain a really good understanding of how you save, how you spend and the ways that you like to cut corners or splurge where expenses are concerned.

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At the end of the Financial Personality Tool a financial superhero is announced – the one who you are most like. The superheroes have a great range of personality traits from being so relaxed about finances that they’re almost horizontal to knowing all these is to know about financial matters.

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The Financial Personality Tool questions were easy to answer with questions about how well we stick to a budget, whether we are likely to splurge on a night out and whether we always use food products within their best before dates. The questions covered aspects from our whole life to give an answer that was incredibly true to me as an individual.

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So the question is, which superhero am I? Well, I’m apparently a Turbo Saver. My super power is confidence – I’m very good indeed at this money thing, but my sheer audacity could mean I’m missing out on opportunities. The Financial Personality Tool says ‘Saving money – not to mention the world – comes easily to you. Whip on the costume, pull on the mask, fire up the rockets and deliver your cheesy punch line. You zoom around the internet loading up with secret knowledge and your high-tech organisational gadgets are your weapons of efficiency. When it comes to launching your savings into the stratosphere there’s one way only and that’s your way. Right?’

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I do agree with this. Savings money, now, does come easily, ad naturally to me and I always strive to find a bargain, save money on every purchase and find the best deals available. I use technology, and the internet, as much as possible to help me save money but I do welcome advice when it comes to finances and saving money too.

The Aviva Financial Personality Tool has reinforced my own feelings about how I deal with our family finances and I know that I am pretty much doing things as well as I can, using all the tools available to me to save money where possible. Do you have any idea what your financial personality is like? Do you save or splurge? Use the Financial Personality Tool to see exactly what your relationship with money is really like.

Next week I’ll be sharing some of my top savings tips so make sure you check back then to find out my favourite ways to save money.

*This is a collaborative post


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  1. March 18, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    This sounds really interesting, I’m going to try it! I’m not amazing with finances, I try not to worry too much and like to spend enough to enjoy ourselves, we work hard for it.

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