Savage Garden, My Little Pony and Grey’s Anatomy #LittleLoves

This week has absolutely flown by. It’s been half term here and it’s been so nice having the children at home but it does mean I’ve been juggling work with days out and fun stuff. I can’t complain though – I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love working from home and spending time with the children.

Here are a few things we’ve been loving this week:


I bought Read this if you want to take great Photographs and actually haven’t started reading it yet. But, having flicked through I know it’s not about how to actually use your camera but more about how to compose photos, how to work with what you have when it comes to subject and lighting and how to really make a photograph rather than just take one.


I’ve been ploughing on with Grey’s Anatomy and am now nearly through Season 3. I have no idea how I missed this show first time round but it’s everything I love in a show and I am so glad I have so much of it to watch. The characters are great, their entwining stories are fascinating and the hospital backdrop and patient stories are emotive and, at times, heartbreaking. It’s a great show.


I found some old CDs when I was clearing out our bedroom and put them straight in the car to listen to. My favourite find was Savage Garden’s Affirmation album, a favourite from my teens that I don’t think has dated at all. Each song is still as good as it was back then. This is one of my favourites:


I haven’t made anything this week but LP has been crafting like a Pinterest-addict over the last few days (although she has no idea what Pinterest is!) She’s been creating things with pipe cleaners, making things out of cardboard tubes and even made this skateboard-scooter thing for her teddy cat. She’s definitely more creative than I am!


I have been wrapping up warm in my new Trespass coat this week. I love the colour – I will definitely stand out amongst the sea of black coats on the school run. It’s the perfect winter coat for a parent – big pockets, so warm and with a giant hood. The perfect coat to protect me from the elements!

LP and Little Man spent a day wearing My Little Pony clothes this week when we went to see the My Little Pony movie. Little Man insisted on borrowing a t-shirt and hoodie from his sister for the occasion and now I think I really need to get him his own My Little Pony clothes. He was so happy!

and lastly…

This weekend we’re off to see the fireworks at Legoland and it’s a highlight of our year. It’s become quite a tradition for us and I hope we have a few more years of Legoland love before we have to find somewhere new to see the fireworks.

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!

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Disclosure: The coat featured above was sent for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.


  1. October 27, 2017 / 8:28 am

    YES TO SAVAGE GARDEN! I saw your blog post title and was so grateful to be reminded of Savage Garden. Way too much information here but I think I may pop the album on in the background whilst I have a shower this morning – nothing like a good shower singalong! And I’ve not watched Grey’s Anatomy either… may have to add it to my list.

    Athena’s crafts look lovely – I’ve loved hearing about how much you’ve enjoyed spending time with Troy and Athena this week. So uplifting and heartwarming. Enjoy the fireworks!

  2. October 27, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    Oh man, I just love early Greys Anatomy. The new ones are good but the original cast is just perfect. I think I need to go back and rewatch from the beginning for the third time! 😉
    Troy and Athena look so cute in the MLP outfits! Did they enjoy the film? I’m taking my youngest to see it on Sunday and she’s so excited.
    Have a great weekend! x

  3. October 28, 2017 / 9:37 am

    My littlest one loves My Little Pony too – it’s all she wants for Christmas bless her. I used to adore Savage Garden – I’m going to have to hunt out the album now – I know I’ve got it somewhere!

  4. October 28, 2017 / 10:05 am

    How adorable do your little ones look?! The Little Pony movie seems like a common occurance this half term. You’ve sold Grey’s Anatomy to me – I don’t watch a lot of television so reading people’s Little Loves posts means I have a lot of catching up to do!

  5. October 28, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    I hope you’ve had a lovely time at the fireworks, what a treat. I like the look of the photography book, I might have to check it out x #LittleLoves

  6. October 28, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    I was just listening to Savage Garden earlier on a playlist from my teens. Ah I love that Little Man loves My Little Pony, mine does too. We’re hoping to go see the movie soon too as he’s been waiting for it to come out for what seems like months now. I may kind of be really looking forward to seeing it myself. That book sounds really good, I definitely need to make some time to sit down and practice my photography more. I’m lucky that my teen is a real whizz on the camera, but I’d love to be able to take gorgeous pics myself. Hope you’re having a blast at Legoland x

  7. October 29, 2017 / 7:33 am

    I’ve just started to really think about the photo’s I take, I’ve had an early birthday present of a new camera so I will definitely have to check that book out. That coat looks cosy, love the colour too it really suits you. Have a great weekend x #LittleLoves

  8. November 1, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Can you believe we’ve never been to the Legoland fireworks?! Considering going to the Ascot Racecourse ones this weekend but can’t decide whether it will be worth the money or not – nothing ventured, nothing gained eh? Your coat looks lovely and cosy, just the weather for it now – you’ll be skiing next! xx

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