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*This is a paid post in partnership with Walkers

As you will all know from reading this blog – I like food. Actually I love food. The one thing I love more than just normal food is snacks. I am a self confessed snacker – I could quite easily skip my three meals a day and graze on snacks instead! What would be my favourite type of snack? …… Crisps!

You can imagine my delight when a box of brand spanking new Walkers Crisps arrived at my door with a sign saying ‘eat me, eat me’ – ok, there was no sign. But they were almost talking to me – especially when I started to read about them.

Walkers Mighty Lights

What are Walkers Mighty Lights?

Walkers Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than standard crisps – great for us with our current Weight Watchers regime! Unlike normal Walkers crisps they have ridges cut into them that hold onto all the flavours – of which there are three – roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted crisps. My first impression of the crisps were that they look great – a cheeky little crisp chappie on the packet and with reduced fat compared to normal crisps – Shame there isn’t a Salt and Vinegar option!

Are Walkers Mighty Lights suitable for vegetarians?

All of the Mighty Lights are suitable for vegetarians (even the chicken flavour ones!) and they don’t include any artificial colours or preservatives. I think it is quite common now for crisps, as well as other foods, to not include anything artificial so I would be surprised if the crisps had artificial colours or preservatives in them.

Did we enjoy the Walkers Mighty Lights?

Hubby and I sat down to have the Great Taste Test. I had Chicken, Hubby had Cheese & Onion – Good job as I can’t stand Cheese & Onion. The first thing we both agreed on was the satisfying crunch. There’s nothing worse than a limp crisp – a crisp should live up to it’s name and Walkers Mighty Lights didn’t disappoint – a lovely crisp crisp.

Walkers Mighty Lights

Other than the lovely crispness the flavours were perfect – the great taste quality we have all come to expect from Walkers crisps – The flavours seemed identical to the standard Walkers crisps we’ve had in the past. No complaints here!

Usually with ‘lower fat’ crisps you open them to find that there are no more than four crisps in the packet – lower fat because they’ve cut down on the amount of crisps! With Walkers Mighty Lights there is still a good packet full of crisps – no scrimping here from Mr Walkers! The Walkers Mighty Lights are available as multipack crisps in a variety of flavours.

Walkers Mighty Lights are marketed as a healthier lunchbox alternative to standard crisps and Hubby will definitely be taking them to work in his lunchbox – he loves crisps even more than I do! LP on the other hand doesn’t have a packed lunch at the moment, being only 2, but I’m sure when she starts school crisps will feature in her lunchbox – a packed lunch isn’t really complete without crisps is it?! Well, crisps were definitely a big part of my packed lunch growing up! I would definitely rather LP, and Hubby, had lower fat foods in their lunchboxes and this makes Mighty Lights a good choice for us.

*This is a paid post in partnership with Walkers


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