Vileda Windomatic Review

One thing we always find tough to clean at home are the windows and often choose to pay a window cleaner who we know will give the windows that lovely streak free shine that we have always found difficult to achieve ourselves. But when Vileda asked us if we’d like to review the new Vileda Windomatic it looked like just the thing to help us clean the windows – and save us money on a window cleaner too!

Review: Vileda Windomatic

The Vileda Windomatic comes as one handheld unit and a power adapter. It needs charging before you can use it – and the first charge needs to be longer than six hours but I don’t think anyone is in that much of a hurry to clean their windows.

Review: Vileda Windomatic

Once the Vileda Windomatic is charged you can set to work. First, you need to clean the windows with a cloth – however you would typically clean your windows. We used some window cleaning detergent added to a bucket of water. Once the windows are wet, and clean, you can use the Windomatic to suction off the excess dirty water, leaving the windows streak free and really shiny. The dirty water is collected in an easy to empty reservoir that is also dishwasher safe.

Review: Vileda Windomatic

We have never been able to achieve streak free windows at home and the Vileda Windomatic left a finish better than a window cleaner. The windows have literally never been so clean. We also found it great for removing condensation and also cleaning mirrors – another part of our home that is constantly streaky!

Review: Vileda Windomatic

I’ve always hated cleaning windows as I could never do it as well as a professional but with an upcoming extension – complete with bifold doors – I’m confident that we can keep all the glass pristine clean without the help of window cleaners thanks to the Vileda Windomatic.

The Vileda Windomatic has an RRP of £49.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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  1. October 27, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    I’m the same as you and get a window cleaner in, as I just can’t get them clean enough. This looks like a great alternative and with the same results. I love the video 🙂 x

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