Unique Magazines Subscription Service Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Dave and I used to always read magazines before we had children but since LP came along we really haven’t had the time. I read baby magazines during pregnancy but I can’t remember the last time I read a magazine. I was recently asked to review the Unique Magazines subscription service and decided to get a magazine subscription for Dave – He still likes to read a magazine from time to time and as he gets the train to work he has time to read a magazine and enjoy it. Getting a magazine every month would be a lovely treat for him!

How much choice is there with Unique Magazines?

I had a browse on the Unique Magazines website and found the choice of magazine subscriptions to be vast – There were so many that I was familiar with and others that I’d never heard of. I used the search option and every magazine I searched for was available through Unique Magazines – I was quite impressed!

Dave used to always buy FHM when I met him – as a 23 year old, but his tastes have changed over the last ten years and he now usually buys Total Film or Empire Magazine. I chose Empire Magazine and had the option of buying 3 issues for just £3, 12 issues and paying £40 by Direct Debit or 12 issues and paying £45 upfront – This is the option I selected and going through the checkout process was straightforward. The prices quoted are also always discounted and the cover price is shown to make it clear exactly how much you are saving. If you buy a magazine every month it is definitely worth subscribing – A magazine, direct to your door every time AND you save money on the price in the shops!

Review: Unique Magazines Subscription Service

Unique Magazines would make great gift subscriptions as you can put the recipient’s name and address as anyone – It can be completely different from the billing name and address. I think a magazine subscription could be a great present for anyone hard to buy for, a new mum or even a pregnant friend. I haven’t bought a magazine subscription in the past but it’s something I will definitely do in the future! I dream of a home with fancy magazines laying on the table to be accompanied by a nice cup of tea and chocolate hobnob!

For now, Dave can enjoy his Empire Magazine subscription, thanks to Unique Magazines. I didn’t know their website existed but it’s definitely one I will be coming back to – With so many popular magazines at £3 for 3 issues it really is a great way of trying a magazine before you subscribe longer term. They even have magazines like National Geographic, food titles, worldwide magazines and all the magazines about famous people and topical features.

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  1. I used to subscribe to Empire and would read every issue cover to cover – I even kept them all, I think I had about three years worth at one point. But then I started teaching and found the new issue would be arriving before I’d even had time to read the last one so eventually I cancelled my subscription. I do love a good magazine though and a subscription is a lovely gift.


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