Review: Truprint Everyday Photo Services

When I was a small child I would always go with my Mum to the local pharmacy to have photos developed. She’d put the film in a green envelope, hand it to the cashier and go and collect it a week later in that same green envelope. We did this for all of our holiday photos, Birthday photos and Christmas photos. My whole childhood of photos are with thanks to that Truprint service and those little green envelopes.

Over the years people’s photo habits have changed. More and more options for taking photos have appeared – digital cameras, cameras that upload straight to the internet, mobile phones with cameras built in. Along with all of these photo taking options there are also so many photo processing options – supermarkets have gradually offered photo printing services by post, machines where you can print instantly from your camera or phone or online systems where you can order online but collect in store. There are now so many options that companies like Truprint are no longer THE place to go for photo processing and no longer the image of childhood – the green envelopes aren’t needed any more and Truprint have become a small fish in a very big pond.

However, powered by Snapfish, Truprint have a service that can rival most competitors. The Truprint product range is vast – from standard prints, enlargements and photo cards through to photo gifts, canvases and even postage stamps personalised with your photos. If you want your photo put onto a product then Truprint will more often that not be able to help.

I freely admit that with the modern technology of digital cameras I don’t get photos printed often enough at all. I keep them all on my computer and duplicated onto an external hard drive. I have tens of thousands of photos from the last ten years that I have hardly looked at and I do quite often wonder why I took all those photos if even I am not getting a chance to look at them. Truprint gave me the opportunity to finally print some of these digital images to test out the Truprint service and see if it was the same great brand that I remember fondly from my childhood.

I chose to review their website and service while ordering photo prints, photo cards and a canvas. The kind of products you may buy ‘everyday’ whether for yourself or someone else. I found the Truprint website easy to use – the Snapfish software makes uploading photos and choosing different products a very simple process. I uploaded literally hundreds of photos to the website and it coped well and didn’t take very long to upload the photos either. You are also able to upload photos directly from Facebook which would be a popular feature for a lot of people and all photos that are uploaded can be edited online. You are also warned if photos are too low in resolution for the selected print size or photo product which really helps stop any mistakes being made – especially if you are ordering large scale canvases or enlargement prints.

Truprint   Truprint

The Truprint website gives the option of payment by credit/debit card or Paypal. I really love having paypal as an option and find a lot of online businesses – especially the bigger ones – don’t offer payment by Paypal. With many people using ebay to make money now and receiving money through Paypal it definitely makes sense to offer Paypal as a payment method. This on it’s own would make me consider Truprint over larger companies.Most products on the Truprint website state they will be delivered within 4-8 working days – prints and photo cards within 2-5 days. I was very impressed with the Truprint delivery as everything I ordered, including the photo canvas arrived within 5 days. The photo prints seemed to arrive almost instantly! I have waited weeks in the past for much smaller canvases to arrive at local supermarket stores so for Truprint to get everything to my home address within 5 days was very impressive. My only criticism of the Truprint service overall is that the postage charges are quite high. The main reason for this is that each product is priced for postage individually – for example, all photo prints will have postage charged, then photo cards will have a separate postage charge and photo gifts will have another postage charge. If you are ordering just one type of product – photo prints for example, then postage is reasonable at £1.99 for 51-249 prints or free if you order 250 prints or more. However, if you order a few prints, a set of photo cards and a photo book for example, the postage can add up – nearly £8 in that example. This wouldn’t put me off using Truprint but it would make me evaluate what I was ordering before I placed the order – it would be more cost effective to order more in one go rather than do a lot of small orders.

Truprint  Truprint

The quality of the Truprint products cannot be faulted – the canvas is thick with a very strong frame, comes complete with hanging materials and the image is really good quality, clear and just like the original photo. The photo cards are also on good quality card with a lovely gloss finish and can be edited with extra photos inside or pre printed with personalised wording. The photo prints are also great quality and can be either gloss or matt finish. All the Truprint products came well packaged and delivered by either standard post or Parcel Force – a great courier company from my experience.TruprintOverall the Truprint service was simple to use, pleasingly quick and resulted in good quality products. Truprint is definitely a photo processing service I would use in the future.Disclosure: We were given Truprint credit in order to complete this review, however all opinions are my own.


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