Top That Books – The Velveteen Rabbit and Angry Birds Magnetic Mix-Up Review

As you should all know by now, books are loved in our house. It was very important to me to instil a love of books in our children from a young age and we have religiously read bedtime stories with LP since she was 6 months old. We find that she usually asks for 2 or 3 books a night and we are happy to oblige, it’s one of our favourite times of the day. Top That Publishing recently got in contact and asked if we’d like to review books for them and I jumped at the chance – I am always happy to read new books!

Top That Books

Top That Books – The Velveteen Rabbit

The first book we were sent was The Velveteen Rabbit. This is a large format paperback book about a cuddly toy and his journey to become ‘a real rabbit’. The book is based on an original story by Margery Williams ‘When Toys Become Real’ published in 1922. Since then it has been adapted for TV, Theatre and Radio. It’s easy to see why as this book is a lovely story – about a boy and his cuddly rabbit. The book is a great quality with beautiful full page illustrations and it’s just the right length for a bedtime story – LP wouldn’t need any other stories when she has The Velveteen Rabbit at bedtime!

Top That Books

LP enjoyed the book, pointing out the various aspects of it – bed, sleeping, rabbit etc and I know that it will be a firm favourite at bedtimes in future.

Top That Books

Top That Books – Angry Birds Magnetic Mix-Up

The other book that we were sent was the Angry Birds Magnetic Mix-Up. Rather than being a bedtime or reading book this is more of a fun, activity kind of book. The concept of the book is that all the pages are magnetic and there is an outline of an Angry Birds character on each page. You then have a pot of magnetic features that you have to stick onto the Angry Birds to create their distinct faces.

Top That Books

This is a great idea for a book and not something I’ve seen before. There’s a resealable pot at the top of the book to keep the magnetic features in which is great for storage. I think this book would be great for car journeys or on holiday as something different to keep children amused.

Top That Books

Although LP didn’t understand which features went on each Angry Bird, She loved putting the magnets on the pages – She’s used to putting magnets on the fridge but being able to stick and move magnets around in a book was a whole new experience for her. LP was happy attaching the magnets, taking them back off again and moving them around for quite some time – She was very easily amused!

Top That Books

Realistically I think the story behind this book and attaching the right features to the right Angry Bird is more suited to an older child but the style of the book and the idea was very original and something that we really enjoyed. I’d definitely look out for more books of this style in the future.

Disclosure: Top That Publishing sent us books for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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