Tomy Dancing Pooh Bear Review

LP has recently learnt to ‘bounce’. She’ll happily bend her knees and bounce on the spot for ages – her feet never move! It’s quite funny to watch and She reminds me a lot of this Tomy Dancing Pooh.

Tomy Dancing Pooh
Tomy Dancing Pooh

What is the Tomy Dancing Pooh Bear like?

Tomy Dancing Pooh is 12 inches tall and a lovely battery operated toy that most parents love to hate! Squeeze Pooh’s left hand to see him dance along to “Up Down, and Touch the Ground” or squeeze his right hand to activate musical statue mode. Both modes are incredibly repetitive but we all know that copying and repeating are the ways that babies and small children first learn new things. Neither mode lasts for too long and you just press his hand to get Pooh to continue his dance!

The Dancing Pooh also has the option to either speak in English or without words – just Winnie the Pooh noises. The bear speaks with Winnie the Pooh’s familiar voice and is suitable from 10-36 months and I think this is the right age range – younger babies would love to watch Pooh dance and listen to him but as they get older they’d enjoy copying the dance movements and singing along.

Tomy Dancing Pooh

Did LP enjoy playing with the Tomy Dancing Pooh Bear?

LP has just turned 2 and she loves her new Pooh Bear, giving him cuddles, listening to him sing and dancing along! She’s also been ‘changing his nappy’ frequently…

Tomy Dancing Pooh

Overall I think this is a lovely toy that would suit a variety of ages and it’s unisex nature makes it even more appealing. Even Little Man, at 4 months old, loves to listen to Pooh sing!

Tomy Dancing Pooh

Disclosure: We were sent the toy for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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