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Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Tesco Loves Baby recently sent us some of their Ultra Dry nappies to try out. Although they sent us a 5 instead of 4+ we were able to use them and switched over to the new nappies straight away. I found out later that unfortunately Tesco Loves baby nappies aren’t available in a 4+ and go straight from 4 to 5.

Tesco Loves Baby Nappies

Why do we love Tesco Loves Baby nappies?

I love supermarket own brand products and have always been a fan of Tesco Loves Baby products, more so after reviewing a few of their baby and toddler tableware ranges recently. I have always found supermarket own brand products to be great value but up until now we have always bought wholesale nappies in large quantities so have never had an occasion to try Tesco Loves Baby newborn nappies. Our nappy stockpile is running low though so I was interested to see how Tesco Loves Baby nappies would compare to our long running love of Huggies nappies – now bought imported from Canada and the US through Costco – and Pampers which we turned to after Little Man’s nappies started leaking constantly quite a while ago.

The Tesco Loves Baby nappies feel soft and squishy which is definitely appealing. I have had own brand nappies in the past that have felt hard or plasticky, both of which are not qualities I look for in a nappy! They are also very absorbent and Little Man can wear them all night without leaks. Actually, we haven’t had any leaks – day or night – since using the Tesco Loves Baby nappies. They also have a really cute owl design that I liked.

Little Man seems comfortable in the nappies, there aren’t any signs that they rub on him or irritate him and I haven’t found he needs changing any more often than in more expensive nappies. Overall we have loved using the Tesco Loves Baby nappies and will be buying them again in the future.

Tesco have disposable nappies in a wide variety of sizes and styles. There are newborn nappies for a new baby, ones for toddlers, ones to see you through potty training and they all have a wetness indicator too. I’d definitely recommend Tesco nappies to any new mum in pregnancy and beyond.

Tesco Loves Baby Size 5 Ultra Dry Nappies are £4.88 for a pack of 26.

Tesco Loves Baby Nappies

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