Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

I love baking and baking with LP isn’t something I do enough of but it’s something I am trying to do more often as she gets older. Sweetpea Pantry recently asked me to review their baking mixes and I knew this would prompt me to bake with LP.

What are Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes like?

Sweetpea Pantry offer bake at home mixes for cookies, pancakes, flapjacks and pizza bases all including super foods to give you and your children an extra helping of hidden goodness. All of Sweetpea Pantry’s mixes include wholesome ingredients that you wouldn’t always have in the cupboard and sugar is never in the top three ingredients. It really is baking made easy but also made healthy!

We were sent Grainy Brainy Pancakes and Ginger Giggles to review and they arrived accompanied by a cute set of star shaped cookie cutters – I wonder if Sweetpea Pantry knew about my love of all things star shaped?!

How did we find the Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes?

Both mixes had simple instructions on the box and only needed wet ingredients adding to the mixture – butter, honey/syrup and egg white with the Ginger Giggles and egg and milk were added to the Grainy Brainy Pancakes. Both were easy to make and LP loved helping – She mainly did the mixing and the cookie cutting!

The Grainy Brainy Pancakes turned out perfectly – They had a really wholesome flavour like the brown version of traditional pancakes. You can make thin pancakes or thicker ones so we made thick drop scones and the children loved them! Dave and I prefered them drizzled with maple syrup but either way they were lovely and different to anything we’d make usually. The Sweetpea Pantry mix made 20 generous drop scones.

Review: Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes & Competition!

The Ginger Giggles are designed to be cut into whatever shape you like and the dough is easy to roll and cut. The star cutters were perfect for the job and the mix made A LOT of cookies, more than I would make in one batch usually. The finished cookies tasted lovely, obviously ginger spiced and moreish. The mix would make great gingerbread people but shapes are perfect too! Dave came to the conclusion that Ginger Giggles are great for dunking!

Review: Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes & Competition!

What were our overall thoughts of Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes?

We really love the Sweetpea Pantry mixes and were pleased to find out that they do a subscription service – Baking mixes by post each month! How cool is that?! The thought of having a baking mix through the letterbox once a month to bake with LP is amazing – It would inspire us to bake regularly and is such a great idea, something I would definitely buy as a gift in the future.

Sweetpea Pantry are passionate about delicious real ingredients and they have a fantastic range of products and healthy baking mixes in their online shop or at Ocado. There’s a Sweetpea Pantry gluten free range and they have dairy free products, Sweetpea Pantry pizza dough mixes, Sweetpea Pantry brownie mix and so much more.

Review: Sweetpea Pantry Baking Mixes & Competition!

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  1. A scone mix – this would also be quite versatile as you could then add the relevant ingredients to make cheese scones/fruit scones/plain scones.


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