Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats Review

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When LP became mobile we bought some foam play mats from a local supermarket. They weren’t an investment – they were cheap and would do the job. Since then they have been almost destroyed with use and we were looking to get something similar that would cope with two children playing on it – we needed an investment this time!

What are Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats?

Soft Floor Kids UK sent us a set of foam playmats to review and so far I cannot fault them! This set of large foam floor mats is a lot bigger than our old set and cover the whole of our lounge – there won’t be any chance of Little Man moving off of them and hurting himself any time soon.

The foam playmats can be arranged to fill a space 5ft x 8ft, 4ft x 10ft or 6ft x 6ft – We have gone for 5ft x 8ft and it fits the space perfectly. I am also a huge fan of the square edges – on a lot of similar products they are left with a ‘jigsaw’ edge which could get easily damaged or can be tripped over. The square edges on this set of interlocking foam mats add to a really safe soft play environment.

Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats

The foam play mat tiles are quite deep at 12mm and are very well cushioned being made of medium density foam. Each soft mat also has a pattern on the top of them to add some traction to make sure children don’t slip on them. This gives the soft mats an uneven texture that is still very soft to play on – I know myself as LP made me do roly polys on them!

Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats

Can the SoftFloor Kids Foam Playmats be stored when not in use?

The set of foam playmats come in a clear zip bag for easy storage and they can be used indoors or outside – although they are advertised as for temporary outside use. I would happily take them outside on a sunny day or for a party but wouldn’t leave them out in the rain.

We will be keeping the soft play mats as a permanent fixture in our lounge as it doubles as the children’s play room. The bright colours of the soft floor tiles would be great in any play area and even though some of the mats are pink I think that overall they are incredibly unisex.

Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats

I’ve set the soft foam play mats up so that the numbers and letters are in sequence and know that this will be a great tool when we start teaching LP to count and read. LP is already a fan of the Star play mat and is learning the other shapes!

Overall, what do we think of the SoftFloorKids Foam Playmats?

Overall I love this set of soft floor mats for babies. They are more expensive (£49.95 RRP) than a lot of similar products sold by supermarkets and toy stores however, you get what you pay for. These kids floor mats are thick, hard wearing and a good size – each tile being 30cm x 30cm. They also don’t look or feel out of place in our lounge.

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  1. Hi. Ive ordered these playmate based on your review. However, it has been almost a month and I’ve not received the product yet. Wondered if you have any contact details for them – like a phone number i can actually call? They only have an enquiry page/call back request on their website. Thank you in advance!


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