Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy Review

I never used any kind of comfort blanket or comfort toy with LP. She was never a very sucky/chewy baby and she didn’t really get attached to any of her toys or anything – they were all loved for 5 minutes before she would move on to the next one!

Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy

What were our first impressions of the Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy?

When Snooze Baby sent me a Sweet Dreaming comfort toy to review I thought Little Man may like it – he has been chewing his hands since a couple of weeks old and more recently, the last 6-8 weeks have been spent sucking his fingers and trying to get his whole hand in his mouth. I thought he might like something else to suck on that might be a bit more exciting than his hands!

When the comfort toy arrived I loved the packaging – a simple grey cardboard sleeve that complimented the colour of the Sweet Dreaming – Hippo Grey. It’s something that would be nice as a gift and having it in packaging rather than loose is definitely a benefit. The comfort toy is 25cm square with velour on one side and 100% cotton jersey on the other. Around the edge there are 12 labels of different sizes and textures for the baby to touch, play with and, if they’re like Little Man, suck the life out of!

Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy
Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy

Did Little Man like the Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy?

The Snooze Baby blanket was an instant hit with Little Man. I put it on his stomach when he was on the floor and he immediately scrunched it up and moved it to his face. Since then there has been no stopping his love of this little blanket – sucking the labels, chewing the corners and rubbing the blanket against his face. It keeps him occupied and happy for much longer than we are used to and it is now our ‘fail safe’ if Little Man gets a little bit grizzly – it will keep him easily entertained for a few more minutes whilst we finish dinner or sort his Sister out, for example.

Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy
Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming Comfort Toy

Who are Snooze Baby?

Snooze Baby is a Dutch company that was first started by a couple 8 years ago after their baby was born. They designed the Sweet Dreaming comfort toy as a way of soothing their son whilst he was going through treatment with a cranial osteopath. They realised that soft fabrics had a calming influence on him and so they made the comfort toy and along with it came a way for the baby to not only find comfort but develop his fine motor skills as well. From there, Snooze Baby have extended their range to include blankets, sleepsuits, toys, playmats and more – all with the colourful labels attached.

I was familiar with the ‘label blanket’ concept before we were sent the Sweet Dreaming by Snooze Baby but I had never seen any other products with the labels attached. Looking through their catalogue at the extensive range of products I can’t help but be impressed by the brand – I had never thought to look for any other baby products with labels attached but can see how a sleepsuit with labels attached or a change mat with labels would be useful – times when you would like a baby to soothe themselves or just stay occupied. I really do love the Snooze Baby concept – it isn’t ‘new’ but the whole range is innovative.

I would definitely consider Snooze Baby products in the future as a gift or for Little Man. The brand isn’t very well known in the UK yet but their products are available online – I first came across their products on Amazon but they are available at other online stores.

Disclosure: We were sent the comfort toy for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own.


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