Poppet Moshi Trunki Review

I don’t think I have ever been quite as excited as when a parcel from Trunki arrived on my doorstep. Even the packaging made me smile! The box was made to look like a shed so that once the box was empty you could use it as a kennel for your new chum!

Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki

Who is Poppet Moshi?

The Poppet character is a familiar figure from the Moshi Monsters brand which started as an online game of virtual pet ownership. There are also now a lot of spin off products – it’s only right that there should be a Moshi Monsters Trunki too! As well as the Poppet Trunki there is also a Moshi Monsters Katsuma Trunki.

Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki

What is a Trunki?

Trunki was designed to beat the boredom suffered by travelling children, Trunki is a hand luggage sized kids ride-on suitcase. Children can pack it with all their favourite toys whilst parents keep them in tow.

The Trunki suitcase has ‘horns’ at the front for the child to hold onto and wheels to speed along when it’s being used as ride on luggage or just a kids riding suitcase. Children can either scoot along by themselves whilst sitting on it or they can be pulled along using the tow strap provided.

Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki
Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki

What did LP think of the Trunki?

When trying out the Poppet Trunki, LP had hours of fun – pushing it around the room herself, climbing on and off of it, scooting around the room and getting Daddy and I to pull her around on it while she shouted ‘Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ Her favourite part of it was ‘leading’ it around the room as if it were a dog on a lead! She even insisted on it sleeping in her room!

Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki
Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki

The Trunki ride on suitcase was easy to open using catches on the sides which also feature easy to use locks – a plastic key is attached to the handy tow strap.

The Trunki has a large amount of storage space – great for use on holidays whether abroad or otherwise, weekends with the Grandparents or even just long journeys to keep all their bits and bobs together! There are two secret compartments inside the Trunki horns for children to hide away little things as well as a handy pouch. It also has elasticated straps for keeping everything in place or as a seatbelt for the Child’s favourite teddy!

The Trunki was easy to carry and move around with either the carry handles on top or the tow strap doubled up as a longer ‘over the shoulder’ strap.

Review: Poppet Moshi Trunki

Each Trunki is also provided with a ‘Passport’ that you can use online to download extra activities and register your new friend.

Are there any negatives of a Trunki?

When I write a review I like to find something to criticise, something the company could improve on. This time, I think the Trunki rideon suitcase has ticked every box. It not only stores all your children’s belongings on flights and elsewhere, it also keeps them entertained at the airport – and at home. It is versatile, easy to carry and looks lovely too! For me, every child should have a Trunki – and there are plenty to choose from if you’re not keen on the pinkness of the Poppet – Cow, Tiger, Gruffalo, Ladybird and more! They are a must for family travel.

You can see the full Trunki range here and the Trunki age recommendation is for children three year old and over and you can find out more on Trunki com.

Disclosure: We were sent a Trunki for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own.


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