Pampered Chef i-Slice Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

I was sent this little gadget in with other Pampered Chef products to review and I didn’t take much notice of it in all honesty but it has proven to be so useful and is now something I wouldn’t be without. The Pampered Chef i-Slice can be attached to a keyring or attached to any metal surface with the built in magnet. It contains a ceramic blade and works much better than I gave it credit for.

Review: Pampered Chef i-Slice

I have been using the i-Slice to open food packets in the kitchen, cut through cellophane wrapping and cut out vouchers in magazines. If there has ever been anything fiddly that you haven’t been able to open – tightly wrapped kids toys at Xmas springs to mind, then the i-Slice could work wonders. It has to be used horizontally and you should always out a cutting board or something underneath the thing you are cutting through – I had a disaster with a piece of paper on top of my table cloth! But it shows how well it works for something so unassuming.

If there is one gadget you should buy and have stuck to your fridge it’s the i-Slice, you may not think you need it but when you have it in your life there will be so many uses for it that you’ll wonder how you managed without it and at only £6 I think everyone should have one.

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