Review: OXO Tot – Flippy Snack Cup

Following on from our review of the OXO Tot – Twist Top Water Bottle we were sent a Flippy Snack Cup to review.

This products was not something I had considered buying previously as it wasn’t what I classed as an ‘essential’ item. But when it arrived I couldn’t wait to get it out of the packet.


LP, like a lot of toddlers, cannot be trusted with a whole packet of anything – biscuits, mini bread sticks, savoury crisp like snacks or even raisins. Any time we give her a packet of anything it will either end up on the floor or under her bum in the car seat and pushchair! Because of this we end up giving LP one mini bread stick at a time, having to undo the tupperware pot every two minutes to give her another one. I’m sure this is something other parents will be familiar with and to be honest, it gets a bit frustrating!

Having received the Snack Cup I realised that it could solve this problem! The principle is that you untwist the lid, put snacks inside and once the lid is back in place the only way for the child to get the snack out is through a flexible opening on the lid. Tiny hands can go inside, grab a snack and come back out again – but the snacks can’t fall out by themselves.

We started using the Snack Cup the same day it arrived. We generally have an outing at some point in the day where snacks are involved and we also have ‘breadstick and milk o’clock’ after LP’s nap.

We really put the Snack Cup to work! Over the course of a few days, LP used the Snack Cup in the car, in the pushchair, in shopping trolleys and all around the house.

OXO Tot  OXO Tot

OXO Tot  OXO Tot

Initially LP was unsure how to get anything out of the cup but we showed her how to put her hand through the lid and she picked up the concept in no time!

Overall, since LP has been using the Snack Cup there has been a lot less mess and a lot less ‘lost’ food where she’s thrown it on the floor or sat on it. Occasionally, LP would pull something out of the cup with such force that it would fly out of her hand, but that really is only every so often.

The Snack Cup also has a non slip handle which LP used to hold the cup easily. We also found that we could use it to hook the Snack Cup onto the shopping trolley so that it didn’t get lost in the supermarket!

A lid is also supplied with the snack cup to keep snacks fresh – Although they never lasted long enough to go stale anyway!

Overall the snack cup is easy for LP to use and I wish we had bought one months ago! A great concept that will save us time and make life easier.

Disclosure: OXO Tot sent us a Flippy Snack Cup to review however all opinions in this review are my own.


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