Nextbase Dash Cam 512G Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

The Nextbase Dash Cam 512G is a new generation of dash cam from Nextbase. It builds on their popular brand and adds to the already impressive line-up of in-car technology available from them. Having a dash cam in a car is now more popular than ever at the moment. Some insurers offer discounts if you use one all the time and having an ‘independent witness’ available should the worst happen is invaluable. This handy piece of technology is a must have for all vehicles!

How easy is the Nextbase Dash Cam 512G to set up?

The Nextbase Dash Cam 512G was relatively easy to setup. You can choose the video quality (automatic 1080 High Definition recording at 30 frames per second down to standard quality) choose whether audio is recorded too and even record your precise location with the GPS. For added evidential continuity, you can even imprint your vehicle’s number plate into the recordings, to prove what car you were driving. Once powered on, the Nextbase Dash Cam 512G records as many three minute chapters onto the SD card as space allows. On a 32GB card, this allows you to store your last four hours journey, plenty for everyday use. If the memory card is full, the oldest three minute chapter is over written.

Review: Nextbase Dash Cam 512G

How does the Nextbase Dash Cam 512G work?

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, the dash cam will sense this with the inbuilt G force sensors and automatically lock the current recording and save it so that it cannot be overwritten, even if you continue to drive. Moments can also be locked manually should you wish to review a drive at a letter time.

Review: Nextbase Dash Cam 512G

The Nextbase Dash Cam 512G comes with a 12v accessory power plug with mini USB to power it. If left plugged in, the camera will automatically start recording when you turn the ignition on, powering up from the 12v socket. It does work on it’s own battery power but you will need to hit record yourself. We found that the battery did not last terribly long without the external power (no surprise with all those features to power up!) which in turn cluttered up the car interior with wiring. You could always have a go at hiding the wire if you wanted to, or maybe having a car technician wiring it into the car directly. It also filled the only 12v accessory socket in the front of the car. We got around this by using our SatNav’s adapter which has two USB sockets along with a 12v accessory pass through. The Nextbase Dash Cam 512G came with a standard computer USB lead which worked well to power it from.

The supplied suction mount was also easy to use and appeared very sturdy. It sat neatly behind our rear view mirror, not distracting from the drivers view. The camera slots into the mount and with a quick squeeze of a clip you can remove the camera easily for storage.

Review: Nextbase Dash Cam 512G

In the box we also found software to install to our computer. When you import files from the Nextbase Dash Cam 512G, you can use the mapping software to see where you were and how fast you were going along side your footage. This would be invaluable when submitting evidence to an insurance company.

Review: Nextbase Dash Cam 512G

Along with the Nextbase Dash Cam we also made use of the Go Pack Plus which includes a 32GB Sd Card and a handy storage pouch for the camera and lead. This is an invaluable set for anyone looking to purchase the Nextbase Dash Cam and means that you can use it immediately.

The Nextbase Dash Cam has an RRP of £179.00 and the Nextbase Go Pack Plus has an RRP of £15.00

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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  1. March 2, 2016 / 7:33 am

    Si bought himself some sort of dashboard camera a little while ago, I suspect he’s mostly hoping for you’ve been framed videos so he can claim a £200 reward 😉

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