Monkey Wellbeing Books Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

LP has just turned three and has a lot of new experiences coming up in the next few months. First, she’ll be starting nursery school in a matter of weeks and then around Christmas time she’ll be having her preschool immunisations. Both experiences are things that she hasn’t had before – as far as she can remember – and I’m keen to prepare her for them as best I can.

We were offered the chance to review two books from the Monkey Wellbeing series – Monkey Goes To School and Monkey Has An Injection which I thought would be a great start to preparing LP for those new experiences.

Review: Monkey Wellbeing Books

The Monkey Goes To School book comes complete with an activity pack giving children a colouring in set and stickers as well as the book. The Monkey Has An Injection book comes on it’s own but both books contain photographs of monkey and children going to school and having injections to show LP what to expect in these situations.

Review: Monkey Wellbeing Books

The Monkey books are great children’s wellbeing resources and not something I’d seen before. The series also has a lot of more specialist topics such as Monkey Has An Operation and Monkey Has A Blood Test with a lot more books in production for different situations. These are a great way of explaining possibly scary situations to children to help them understand what is happening.

Review: Monkey Wellbeing Books

My only criticism of the books is that they could be a bit more hardwearing and durable. The books are made from thick paper and really the cover should be made of thick card as a minimum as at the moment they do have the feel of a brochure you’d pick up in the doctor’s surgery rather than a book that you would pay for.

Monkey Wellbeing Books have an RRP £2.95 of and Activity Packs including the book have an RRP of £5.50

Review: Monkey Wellbeing Books

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