Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion Review

I was asked by Little Bird Told Me if I would like to review one of their nursing cushions. I have never used a nursing cushion before as LP had been tiny and even now doesn’t weigh very much – I’d always found it easy to position her and keep good posture but with Little Man I had been finding that as he weighs a lot more than his Sister did it was getting a lot harder to support him during feeds and I was getting back ache as a result. I jumped at the chance of reviewing their 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion.

Little Bird Told Me 3in1 Nursing Cushion
Little Bird Told Me 3in1 Nursing Cushion

The Nursing Cushion arrived and I immediately loved the design – Bright Red/Orange on one side and lovely and soft on the other. The cushion comes with two activity toys that can be detached from the cushion or attached in different places.


In all honesty I was apprehensive of using the Nursing Cushion. It isn’t something I’ve used before and my first thoughts, about nursing cushions in general, were that they were bulky, ugly and unnecessary. How wrong could I be! Firstly, this cushion is anything but ugly! It has a lovely soft layer on the bottom and a bright, funky top layer. It also isn’t too big but just big enough to suit the purpose. Unnecessary? I had successfully breastfed LP for over a year without a nursing cushion but have suffered from back ache at times since.


When I first used this cushion I found that it positioned Little Man at just the right height to nurse. It also supported all of his weight so that I didn’t have to hold him although my natural positioning was to have my arm under his head. Having the cushion there to support LM along with the cushion’s position meant that my posture immediately improved – my back was straight for the first time during a feed! It was quite a relief to be able to sit in a natural position during a feed and not have to support LM’s weight at the same time!


Long term usage off this would definitely make life easier – mainly for your back! The only downside for me, not even really a negative, is that you can’t easily take the cushion out and about with you – it’s not the most portable of products so it is only really suitable for nursing at home.

Tummy Time

Little Man has just started enjoying tummy time so I was keen to try out this feature of the Nursing Cushion. With the cushion on the floor I positioned LM so that the top half of his body was supported by the cushion and he happily stayed there looking around for a few minutes at a time – this time will increase as he gets bigger and stronger. There are loops on the cushion to attach toys to and two activity toys were supplied with the cushion – One is a bear with a rattle inside and the other is an owl with a mirror on the reverse and a bell inside. Little Mr loved the bell and rattle noises as well as his reflection in the mirror.


Sitting Support

Little Mr is unfortunately too young to use cushion as a Sitting Support at the moment – the feature is aimed at babies who are nine months and older. The cushion is nicely curved so that the baby can sit in it and be supported by the curve. There are also loops on the ends of the cushion to attach toys during sitting up play.

Overall, we found this cushion to be not only lovely to look at but incredibly useful. Once the nursing support is no longer needed the baby can continue to use the cushion through play.

Little Bird Told Me offer a range of traditional baby/toddler toys and accessories. They are a relatively new company but have a user friendly website and if the Nursing Cushion is anything to go by, good quality products!

These are a couple of their other products that I love – as you can see, Little Bird Told Me creates really lovely items!

Disclosure: I was supplied with a Nursing Cushion for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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