Little Angels Baby & Toddler Snacks at Asda

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We are always on the lookout for baby friendly snacks that will compliment our baby led weaning lifestyle. Asda recently got in contact to tell me about their new range of Little Angels baby and toddler snacks and I was eager to try them with Little Man. We were sent two packs of Oaty Bars – Banana and Strawberry as well as two packs of raisins and sultanas.

Little Angels Snacks at Asda

My first thoughts of Asda Little Angels baby food were that the products could definitely rival similar products in the baby food industry – They look like the sort of thing we have bought in the past for our little ones but by other brands. With this in mind I couldn’t wait to see what Little Man would think – Asda’s Little Angels brand is incredibly well regarded and value for money which would make buying the Little Angels snack regularly an appealing prospect! We have tried the Little Angels nappy brand, their baby skincare and bath time products in the past so were looking forward to trying the snacks too.

Little Angels Snacks at Asda

Little Man can’t hold a whole Oaty Bar yet so we broke it easily in half and he had it bit by bit. LM grabbed the oaty bar, held it well and ate it without a huge amount of mess. I was impressed with how well the Oaty Bar held together and the lack of strong colours – I have been put off similar products in the past when the colours have transferred to clothing and stained it and even stained the highchair! There were no such problems with the Little Angels Oaty Bars and Little Man ate both flavours happily – No preference of one flavour over the other.

Little Angels Snacks at Asda

The Oaty Bars are priced at £1.99 for 5 bars which I think is great value and something we will definitely be buying in future as a snack at home or something to keep in the change bag for when we’re out for the day with babies.

Little Angels Snacks at Asda

The Little Angels Raisins and Raisins & Sultanas came in good size packets. Raisins are something we’ve started giving Little Man recently and it’s really helped his pincer grip as well as helping his coordination improve. We tend to give both LP and LM raisins from a large ‘store cupboard’ bag when at home but often buy small packets of raisins to keep in the change bag for when we’re away from the house. The Little Angels dried fruit bags are a larger portion size than we usually get from similar products by other brands and are priced at 40p per bag. If the dried fruit bags came in a multipack though I would be tempted to buy them in the future.

Little Angels Snacks at Asda

The new Asda baby food and Little Angel baby snacks range is available now in Asda stores. As well as the ready made baby food products we tried out there are also other flavours of Oaty Bars, bags of dried Sultana & Apple and Carrot or Cheese Puffs (67p per baby food bag).

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  • We don’t shop at Asda however i might need to try these. Out of interest do you know how they compare in terms of nutritional value/salt & sugar content etc to other brands?

    I’ve just stocked up but will definitely consider for next stock up xx

    • Just had a look and have compared them to the main ‘organic’ brand…! The Asda ones have less calories, less fat, slightly more carbohydrate sugar and slightly less salt than the organic brand ones. Don’t know if that helps! They all look pretty similar nutritionally to be honest x