Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

We were sent the Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup to review with Little Man and I was keen to see what it was like. I’m a huge fan of Lamaze toys but have never seen, let alone used, any tableware from them.

Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup

What is the Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup?

The Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup is suitable from 9 months onwards, is non spill and has a one piece lid – A huge bonus for me as I seem to be forever putting children’s cups and drinks bottles back together again after washing them up.

Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cups come in a variety of familiar styles that feature all the well known Lamaze characters. We were sent Freddie Firefly and I loved the unisex design and vibrant colours – It looked very Lamaze in style! This is the first sippy cup that Little Man has tried that needs him to suck as it has a valve in it, the other cups he uses are free-flowing – great for him to drink easily but also spill constantly. As Little Man isn’t used to cups with valves he has had some trouble drinking from the Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup but LP steals it often and drinks from it without a problem so I know that in time Little Man will learn that he needs to suck and will also be able to drink from it, I will be continuing to try it with him until he gets the hang of it!

Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup

The valve in the lid does mean it is completely spill proof which is great for taking in the change bag and having around the house as if it gets knocked over it won’t end up laying in a puddle, something we’re conscious of with other cups.

Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup

This was also Little Man’s first experience with insulated cups without handles but that didn’t seem to be an issue for him and he happily held the cup in his hands and drank using the hard spout. The cup is a good size for first years and a little one’s hands and it’s lovely to get a colourful design that isn’t limited to pink or blue.

The Lamaze Insulated Sippy Cup has an RRP of £4.99

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