Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Any regular reader will know that although constantly Weight Watching I also have a sweet tooth and most of my treats involve chocolate of some description. Hotel Chocolat recently got in contact to offer me the chance to try one of their Mothers Day gifts and to also send one of my fellow bloggers a Mothers Day gift too!

I chose to review the Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread as it seemed like such an indulgent treat and something that I would definitely love as a gift – I wouldn’t buy myself such a luxury any other time!

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

What were our first impressions of the Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Hazelnut Spread?

The Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread arrived by courier in a gorgeous Hotel Chocolat trademark gift bag complete with ribbon and card – Anything from Hotel Chocolat would make a perfect gift, the packaging is fantastic making it ideal to have delivered direct to the lucky recipient!

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

I was nice enough to share the luxury chocolate spread with Dave (not the children though, some things LP and LM definitely wouldn’t appreciate!) We had the milk chocolate spread just as it said on the tub – Smudge generously onto pancakes, warm scones and fresh bread (or spoon straight from the jar when no one’s looking) – Who were we to argue?!

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

How did the Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread taste?

The Hazelnut Chocolate Spread on toast was amazing, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea! It was rich but not too rich, melted easily as it spread on the hot toast and was easy to eat – For the purpose of this review Dave and I limited ourselves to one slice of toast each however it would have been easy to continue until the jar was empty! The Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is a 150g jar which it suggests is ten servings. I would put money on it not lasting long enough for ten servings!

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

The same day as the toast test Dave and I had pancakes, because the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread told us to – Purely for review purposes, obviously. The Hazelnut Chocolate Spread melted instantly onto the pancakes and spread easily. I’m usually a lemon and sugar pancakes kinda girl but Hotel Chocolat may have swayed me to loving the heaven that is chocolate spread pancakes! Not just any chocolate spread though, Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread!

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

The final test of our Hazelnut Chocolate Spread testing was to eat it with a spoon, straight from the tub. I’m happy to say that Hotel Chocolat didn’t let us down, the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread was also lovely and rich straight from the tub. My only observations would be that the information on the pack says to refrigerate after opening. Putting the jar in the fridge does make the spread less easy to spread – This has no effect when used on toast or pancakes but if using cold (or eating straight front the jar) it would make it a different taste experience. The jar is also made of plastic and I do feel that a glass jar would add to the Hotel Chocolat luxury!

This would make a really lovely and slightly unusual gift for any occasion. Hotel Chocolat also have Pecan and Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread and Salted Caramel and Clementine Chocolate Spread as well as other chocolate gifts. Hotel Chocolat online also have drinking chocolate, gift subscriptions, gift experiences and even tasting events so there is something for everyone – just use their gift finder to help you decide what Hotel Chocolat products to purchase for any occasion.

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread has an RRP of £6.50

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  • Ooh Mads would love this, she is a chocolate spread FIEND! We have the hotel chocolat factory just down the road from us and there is a factory shop there which is rather irresistible when you are walking past. 😉 x