Hobbycraft Ink Pads and Animal Sponges Review

I am going to admit something now that will probably make me look like either a lazy parent or not a great one…. I have never indulged in ‘messy play’ with LP. It’s something that everyone seems to be doing and yet it’s something I have never really got around to. LP had never painted until last week at a friend’s house. The messiest we’ve ever got was playing with water over the summer (not messy at all!), playing with her sand table and a couple of occasions of playing with chunky marker pens. So when Hobbycraft offered me the opportunity to review some art supplies I jumped at the chance – I knew that sooner or later we’d have to embrace the mess and now was a good a time as any!

What did we think of the Hobbycraft Ink Pads and Animal Sponges?

We were sent two giant coloured ink pads that are designed to be multifunctional – you can use them to paint with, finger painting, hand prints or with stampers and sponges. To compliment the ink pads we were also sent a set of animal shaped sponges.


Did LP enjoy the Hobbycraft Ink Pads and Animal Sponges?

LP may have not played like this before but she definitely got stuck in! We put her in an old sleepsuit, put a ‘messy play’ mat on the floor and got on with it.The animal sponges came with a selection of cardboard sheets with scenery outlines on them and LP tried her best to stamp the animals on the card with a little help from Daddy. Admittedly, Daddy’s attempts at stamping were more successful than LP’s but by the end of the messy time she’d got the hang of it although in her haste most of the animal shapes were blurry – to be expected with a 2 year old! She did like to point out the animals though – easily recognising the duck and cow!After we were done using the sponges LP had pretty much covered her hands in ink from the ink stamp pads and so we tried out some hand prints. LP loved this! She was able to fit her whole hand in the fabric ink pad which made hand prints very easy and a lot less messy than if you had poster paint and something to pour it into.


By the end of the messy session LP was covered in ink but I was pleased to find it washed off easily – I am always wary when an art product claims to be washable as I know a lot aren’t. These ink pads are washable although they do state that they may not always come out of clothing.

LP had a great time being arty. I think that she’ll be better at it and enjoy it even more when she’s a little bit older but we will definitely be having more messy sessions in the future!

Hobby craft have everything you could need for kids craft activities from kids craft supplies to cross stitch kits and model making paints. Plus, if you spend over £20 you qualify for free home delivery.

Disclosure: We were sent 2 large ink pads and a set of animal sponges for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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