Review: GIGI Giant Building Blocks

Our latest Bigjigs Play Patrol Review was GIGI Giant Building Blocks. These are something I’d seen online previously but had never had a chance to try out so I couldn’t wait to see what the children thought of them.



GIGI Giant Building Blocks are a set of 60 flat packed cardboard boxes which are simple to put together, requiring no glue or fixings. Making all 60 does take some time but children can start building with them as you make them so it doesn’t detract from the playing.


The GIGI Blocks, once constructed, look like cardboard versions of traditional plastic building blocks. The pack has both single and double size blocks which make it simple to create any structure. Little Man insisted on us building him a car – and has pretty much lived in it since.


Using GIGI Blocks to build with couldn’t be easier and the blocks stay intact as long as you don’t put any unnecessary pressure on them – ignore the children sitting on the blocks on the packaging, it’s advised that children don’t sit on them.


The GIGI Blocks are a great investment. Made from recycled cardboard they can easily be taken apart for storage and building with them has endless possibilities. They compliment childhood perfectly in allowing children to use their imaginations – as well as helping hand eye coordination and creativity skills too.


Little Man and LP love the GIGI Blocks and I am sure soon Little Man will let us build something other than a car. I can imagine building towers, houses and so much more in the coming months and I love that the finished structures can be left in our home to be played with indefinitely. The car hasn’t been left alone since it was built!

The GIGI Giant Building Blocks have an RRP of £36.99


Disclosure: we were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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  1. June 10, 2016 / 3:41 pm

    I really like these, I think giant building blocks are a great idea for children like my eldest who aren’t the greatest with fiddly little blocks. I think mine would want to colour them in too!

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