Fantastic Services – Fantastic Cleaners Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

I was contacted recently to ask if I could make use of any of the things that Fantastic Services offer. Their services cover a large range from window cleaning to gardening, odd jobs and carpet cleaning. If you need something doing then Fantastic Services will probably be able to do it.

Since being back at work Dave and I have found it difficult to keep on top of cleaning. We clean the kitchen and bathroom regularly, hoover as often as we can and do the washing but apart from that it’s hard to find time to dust, clean the windows and all those other little things that make a huge difference around your home. Fantastic Services decided they would send us a team of three people from their Fantastic Cleaners and would spend four hours at our home giving it a deep clean – cleaning the insides of the windows, cleaning every room even behind the furniture and really giving it a once over. I have to be honest – this amazing offer was the highlight of my week. What working parent wouldn’t want their home cleaned for them?

Review: Fantastic Services - Fantastic Cleaners

What were our first impressions of Fantastic Services – Fantastic Cleaners?

I was impressed that I was able to arrange the Fantastic Services company booking for a Sunday morning and the cleaner arrived bang on time – although I’d misread the booking confirmation and thought they were an hour early – oops! I showed them around the house, confirmed what they were there for and then I took the kids out for a couple of hours so they could clean downstairs without two little people underfoot.

I came back about an hour before they were due to finish cleaning and the kids and I watched TV whilst the team finished off upstairs. Downstairs was fantastic – The kitchen was spotless, the windows were gleaming and the floor was still wet from being mopped and floor cleaning. It looked great!

Review: Fantastic Services - Fantastic Cleaners

The Fantastic Services team finished cleaning right on time and I had a look round to check the rooms and they were all perfect! The whole house smelt so clean – like new car smell. It was lovely! All the windows had been opened and they’d hoovered incredibly thoroughly. Every surface had been cleaned and any bits and bobs that they had found or moved to clean were put back in neat piles. The only place that needed us to put everything back was the kitchen but again we were left piles of bits and bobs which made us find homes for things and the electricals all being moved just went to show how thorough the cleaning was.

Review: Fantastic Services - Fantastic Cleaners
Review: Fantastic Services - Fantastic Cleaners

I honestly don’t think that our carpet has been so clean in all the time we have lived here – having two black cats and a cream carpet is disastrous for hoovering but the Fantastic Cleaners did a great job. There are even things that we are noticing a few days after – the oven was cleaned and looks like it did when we bought it and there are things in the bathroom that have NEVER been clean – There were marks around the taps and build up on the power shower that we’ve never been able to clean off yet now it is sparkling!

Review: Fantastic Services - Fantastic Cleaners

Were there any negatives with Fantastic Services – Fantastic Cleaners?

My only slight criticisms were that I was expecting furniture to be cleaned behind and as far as I can see the sofa wasn’t moved – there were so many toys and things underneath that it definitely wasn’t cleaned and Little Man’s cot wasn’t cleaned behind either. This may be that they ran out of time in the four hour slot but those were the things I was expecting to be cleaned. I admit I haven’t checked behind all the furniture.

What were our overall thoughts of Fantastic Services – Fantastic Cleaners?

Overall though the cleaning team did a fantastic job and considering they offer cleaning plans to suit any situation it’s definitely something I would think about getting in the future. To have someone come in once a week to clean the kitchen, bathroom and hoover would be an amazing weight off our week and free up some quality family time too. The type of clean we had is usually end of tenancy cleaning and I think any landlord would be happy with their rental property being as clean as our house was after Fantastic Cleaners came round! It would also be great to get a clean like this if you were putting your property on the market but Dave has now suggested getting a deep clean once a year just to keep on top of things.

Fantastic Services also offer many other types of quality cleaning – fantastic carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning and deep cleaning – they do pretty much anything aside from dry cleaning! Plus, their customer service is fantastic – just like their name. The professional cleaning services were fantastic and it was an excellent service from start to finish. I’d highly recommend the Fantastic Services business to anyone – they’ll make your home look brand new and fix all your cleaning needs. Such an excellent job that I would definitely recommend.


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