DGJ Organics Top to Toe 3 in 1 Wash Review

As you all know by now, our little family love to try new things and when we were asked by DGJ Organics to test a product from their new children’s range we couldn’t refuse!

DGJ Organics was created 10 years ago when there were no other organic hair products on the market and since then the range has expanded but all the time has stayed true to their roots of keeping everything as organic as possible while maintaining salon quality results.

DGJ Organics

How did we find the DGJ Organics Top to Toe 3 in 1 Wash?

The Top to Toe 3 in 1 Wash is a conditioning shampoo and body wash. The one that we were sent has two ‘flavours’ strawberry and vanilla but there is another available which is orange and grapefruit. When the product arrived the first thing I did was smell it – isn’t it the first thing you do before you buy a new shampoo or shower gel? Click the lid up and have a sniff 🙂 Both the strawberry and vanilla smelt amazing – like really rich milkshakes – in an ice-creamy way rather than a synthetic sickly way. It really was a lovely smell.

We’ve been using it with LP for a week now and have used both flavours. I was aware from the product website that organic products have less foaming agent in them and so we weren’t expecting much of a lather from the wash, however when we used it on LP’s hair it still bubbled up nicely – and the lovely vanilla or strawberry aroma filled the bathroom!

LP loved washing herself with the body wash too and even decided to wash Hubby’s face at one point!

DGJ Organics
DGJ Organics
DGJ Organics

The 3 in 1 wash comes in a style of bottle that I’ve never seen before – the bottle is split into two halves, top and bottom, and each is a flavour. I loved this idea – two products in one, a choice of flavours and all for one price. Really great idea! Also, with the DGJ Organics logo the product looked a lot more grown up than a lot of alternative children’s bath products that are on the market.Overall we really liked this 3 in 1 wash. The fact we can use it for hair and body is a definite bonus and we will be buying it again the future.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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