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I am always on the lookout for ways to save money, buy less and get cash back as often as possible on any money we do spend. A couple of weeks ago I heard about Checkout Smart – one of many supermarket cashback apps that gives you exclusive offers wherever you do your grocery shopping. I was intrigued as currently our weekly food shopping is one of the places where I find it hard to earn cashback – using Quidco for most other online purchases – and the only real benefit I see is the supermarket loyalty points.

What were our first impressions of the CheckoutSmart App?

I downloaded the Checkout Smart app and had a play with it – You register for an account and then you’re free to use Checkout Smart. You can browse through the offers or select a store to narrow the results. Each offer has certain T&Cs – Buy something at a certain shop, between certain dates and get a certain amount of cashback. It’s quite straightforward once you’ve got used to the app.

Checkout Smart App
Checkout Smart App

I took myself off to the supermarket, bought some shopping and included a couple of the offers on the Checkout Smart app. When I got home I sat down, with a cup of tea, to see what I had to do. I was surprised it was so easy – All I had to do was select the offers I wanted to claim, take a photo of my receipt and upload it – All on my phone! I then received an email to confirm that my receipt had been uploaded.

Checkout Smart App

After a couple of days I received another email to confirm that my account had been credited with the cashback! You are then able to withdraw funds from your CheckoutSmart account to either your bank account or paypal account. The only ‘catch’ is that each time you make a payment request there is a fee of 5% of the balance. This isn’t a huge amount but it is a fee so definitely something to be aware of.

Checkout Smart App

Also, there is a minimum payout on the app of £1 on your first payout and £5 each time after that. I’ve also used a Checkout Smart alternative, Shopmium, where there isn’t a minimum payout and no fee for withdrawal either.They also have similar items and deals available.

What were my thoughts on Checkout Smart App?

Overall I found Checkout Smart really straightforward to use and it gave me something back just for doing my usual shopping but not only that, it also introduced me to brands I may not have looked at otherwise and prompted me to try new things. Checkout Smart also gives you the cashback on any existing store offers – If the product is currently reduced you’ll still get the cashback!

I will definitely be using Checkout Smart regularly in the future – it’s a great money saving tool.

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  • I did exactly the same, joined, shopped, then uploaded three claims, 25p, £1 and £2.49. I got back 2 confirmation emails next day. After another day I received 3 emails confirming approval – but all for the same item, with same claim ref no, @ £1. I checked my balance and it showed £2.25. There is no breakdown, just the total. Minimal – no way to check submissions made. The only way I can see for that total to be arrived at is for the £1 claim to be duplicated plus the 25p item, and the £2.49 item omitted.
    It seem very hit and miss, very unreliable.
    I shopped again 2 days ago, uploaded 3 claims, all showed as successfully uploaded but have heard nothing, and my balance remains at £2.25. By now it should be £3.74 for the first shop and £2.10 for the second, combined total of £5.84.
    Perhaps I’ve been unlucky, perhaps the experience of others is better – but it seems too haphazard so far to be worthwhile .If I have to constantly check that claims are received and approved, chase those that disappear and check that credit totals are correct, then overall I’d be working pretty hard for my money. With my experience to date I’d take nothing at face value but would keep my own records of submissions, approvals, credits and omissions, I seriously wonder if it would be worth the time and effort involved, and in my experience if an organisation is as inefficient as I’ve found this to be, then there is something wrong.

  • Hi Peter,

    I am a CheckoutSmart representative and would like to assist in getting to the bottom of this problem for you.

    Please contact our customer service and ensure to give us your email address of your registered account so we can iron this out for you.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks

    CheckoutSmart Representative

  • I used checkout smart successfully for over a year and was really impressed. But since doing update on iPad to iOS 9.1 and now iOS 9.2 I can no longer use it. A lot of people have the same problem and checkout inform me it was never designed for the iPad??? However my friend has an iPad and is still using checkoutsmart successfully. I have been informed a few weeks back now that checkoutsmart are trying to resolve the problem. But they have also told me the app was only ever designed for the iPhone???.does anyone else have the same problem and has anyone managed to resolve the issue.