Review: Bunny Jump

The children are just getting to the age where they can start to play games together and when University Games sent them Bunny Jump to review they couldn’t wait to get it out of the box.



Bunny Jump is so easy to set up – you have the main hill unit, put carrots in the holes and stick the bunny on the top. You’re then ready to play. It’s suitable for up to four players and each player takes a basket and spins the spinner to see how many carrots they should take – there’s also the chance of missing a go.



The children loved spinning and having their turn to pull carrots out. They were a bit hard to pull out at first but the children soon learnt to give them a good tug. The game continues until someone pulls out the carrot and makes the bunny jump. The children loved that the bunny jumps quite high into the air and tried their hardest to catch it without luck. Any player who catches the rabbit gets two bonus carrots and the one with the most carrots at the end wins.



There aren’t a huge amount of carrots in this game so each round is fairly short, it would have been better with maybe an extra row of carrots but the children didn’t mind and still had a great time playing, squealing when they made the bunny jump into the air!



Bunny Jump is a great family game that Hubby and I can easily play with the children. It’s great for getting siblings or friends to play together and LP and Little Man loved it. It’s even one they can set up and play without any help from adults so helps them be independent too.

Bunny Jump has an RRP of £19.99


Disclosure: We were sent Bunny Jump for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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