The Boon Frog Pod Bath Storage

.We had a recurring bath toy issue that most parents would probably be familiar with. Bath toys end up being used in rotation, some get left and not used for a while. They all sit on the side of the bath, on the window ledge or in a netting bag suction cupped to the wall. The bath toys end up going black and mouldy if not used every day, the netting bag goes black or even orange with any manner of bathroom nastiness and the whole bath toy situation ends up a nightmare of ickyness.

We were sent the Boon Frog Pod to review and I’ve seen similar things in shops before and not given them a second glance – a huge lump of plastic was never going to be something I’d get excited about. But I thought I would give this giant frog the benefit of the doubt. It’s a lovely looking frog that attaches to the wall easily with either double sided sticky pads or you can screw it into the wall for a more permanent feature.

Boon Frog Pod

What is the Boon Frog Pod?

The Frog Pod has a hidden shelf behind the frog’s face and the toes can be used to hang things from – bath books, body puffs, soap on a rope! The main body of the frog contains a jug that you can unhook and use to fish all the toys from the bath. The toys are then rinsed as the water filters through the jug. Various holes are placed around the jug to make sure all the water escapes. Each time you fish the toys from the bath all the toys in the jug get washed – even the ones you haven’t used, this minimises the build up of mould and mildew on the toys that don’t get used as often.

Boon Frog Pod

How well does the Boon Frog Pod work?

The shelf and hanging toes on the frog are both incredibly handy, great storage for everything child-related that we need at bathtime and easily accessible. Overall the Frog Pod has transformed our bathtimes. We no longer find mouldy toys in the corner of the bathroom and rarely see any mould on any of the bath toys. The Frog Pod is also easy to clean and gets rinsed when we have a shower too! Emptying bath toys from the bath once the children have finished is quick and stress free and as LP and LM grow they’ll both be able to help fish the toys from the bath too.

Boon Frog Pod

Considering the fact that I would have avoided the Boon Frog Pod at all costs before this review I am now so pleased I  have had the chance to review it. The Boon Frog Pod is now a permanent fixture of bath time – it’s made everything so much easier!

Disclosure: The Boon Frog Pod was sent to us for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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