Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll Review

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All children seem to love dolls and LP is no exception. She’s nearly six and her love of dolls knows no bounds. She takes them everywhere with her, gets them to play along with whatever she’s doing and they even sit at the dinner table with her. But, although she has had interactive dolls in the past nothing prepared her for Baby Wow Chatty Emma when she arrived.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll in box

What is Baby Wow Chatty Emma?

Baby Wow Chatty Emma is like no other doll we have ever seen. She was chatting away to us before we’d even taken her out the box and her mouth moves as she speaks. As well as her head turning from side to side.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll with phone

What makes Chatty Emma different to other dolls?

The great thing about Baby Wow Chatty Emma is like any baby she learns as you talk to her and play with her. She comes with three stages of vocabulary to work through – from baby noises through to simple words and phrases. She really is a pretty cute interactive baby.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Talking to the Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll

LP loved chatting to Baby Wow Chatty Emma. She was happy to repeat words to her until Emma worked out how to say them herself. She has been constantly asking her if she wants to play, if she’s hungry or if she’s tired and needs a nap. Emma is as close to an actual baby that you can get in doll form and LP adores her.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Giving the Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll cuddles

What other features does the Baby Wow doll have?

Baby Wow Chatty Emma is also poseable so she can lay down, sit down and you can even carry her on your hip. LP has literally been taking her everywhere and whenever she leaves her to sit somewhere Emma will chat to us whenever we walk past. She’ll ask us if we’d like to play or declaring her love for us. One thing that may niggle with some parents is that Emma’s voice is very American and some of the words she says are pronounced differently to how we say them.

Emma comes with toy phone accessories that you can put to her ear for her to talk to her family. This was a bit hit and miss but LP loved that Emma has her own phone that she would occasionally use. All parents will be pleased to hear that Baby Wow Emma also comes with an off switch. As much as LP loves her and as cute as it is to see LP and her interacting, at bedtime it’s nice to know she won’t start chatting to LP and keeping her awake – or randomly talking to Dave and I if she’d been left downstairs.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Using the phone with Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll

What were our overall thoughts of Chatty Emma?

Baby Wow Chatty Emma is a pretty amazing companion for any child. LP loves her and I know that she would be an amazing gift for any kids and a really great choice when it comes to children’s products. As you speak to her Emma learns more new words and phrases and can end up with a vocabulary of more than 150 words and sentences. This means that any child can have pretty full on conversations with Emma and it would never get too repetitive.

Review: Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll
Getting to know Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll

We’ve loved having Baby Wow Chatty Emma in our lives – especially LP and I know that she’ll be a much loved member of the family for years to come.

Baby Wow Chatty Emma from IMC toys has an RRP of £59.99 and Baby Wow Charlie and Baby Wow Megan are also available. You can find the Baby Wow Chatty Emma instructions manual here.

Baby Wow Chatty Emma Doll Review

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  1. Aww! It looks like LP really loves her new doll….
    This looks and sounds like a lot of fun! It is amazing how dolls have changed so much over the years. When I was a girl I would have loved one that could talk back. x

  2. Oh my goodness my girls would love this. The fact that she comes with her own phone would make Holly so happy, she loves phones. It’s amazing what these dolls can do these days, nothing like what I had as a child x

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