Ask Italian – Park Street, London Review

Just before Christmas we had a weekend in London and as we started to walk down Oxford Street we kept our eyes peeled for somewhere to have lunch. We quickly found Ask Italian on Park Street and as we hadn’t been to an Ask before we were keen to see what they were like – especially at such a busy time of the year!

What were our first impressions of Ask Italian Park Street, London?

The restaurant was pretty busy but they found a table for us, found somewhere to store our double buggy and activity sheets and crayons appeared at the table for the children almost instantly. It was clear from the moment we walked through the door that Ask Italian was a really family friendly restaurant and that immediately put us at ease.

What was the children’s menu like at Ask Italian?

The menu was typically Italian, with Pasta, Pizza, Risotto and many other favourites. The children’s menu was really lovely with garlic bread, crudités and dip for a starter, a good choice of pizza or pasta mains and a varied choice of dessert all for £6.75.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

The children loved their starter and I really liked that they had both vegetables and garlic bread as in most other restaurants it’s one or the other. It was well presented and just the sort of thing the children love to eat without filling them up too much that they can’t manage their main.

What is the Ask Italian main menu like?

Hubby had Meatballs to start and it is the first time either of us had come across fried meatballs before. They were lovely and a good size portion for a starter. I chose the Antipasto Classico Board which was had all my antipasto favourites and a starter I love. It had the right balance of meet, mozzarella and bread and I really enjoyed it.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London
Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

The children chose to have a ham and cheese pizza for their main and I was impressed that it came ready cut into not just slices but nice size chunks for the children to easily handle and eat. It also came well presented and was a great size for a children’s main.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

For our mains Hubby chose the Salami Misti Pizza which has a really lovely topping of Milano and finocchiona salamis, pepperoni and smoked prosciutto, roasted red peppers, caramelised onion and Grana Padano cheese. Hubby absolutely loves a pizza and he really liked this one. It was pretty big and the flavours worked well together.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

I usually go for a pizza when we eat at Italian restaurants but thought I’d be a bit different and so went for the Rigatoni Al Manzo Piccante. The dish was a mixture of Rigatoni pasta, beef meat balls, beef and pork ragu, fresh chillies, roasted red peppers, and caramelised onions, all topped with mozzarella and Grana Padano cheeses. Although it was slightly on the spicy side it was a really lovely dish and really nice and warming on a winter’s day.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

For dessert the children both had Tip & Top Ice Cream – a scoop of their favourite flavour ice cream and lots of sprinkles to add to it. This is their idea of pudding heaven!

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

Hubby went for the Chocolate and Coffee Tart – a winning combination! It was served with Mascarpone and Hubby really enjoyed it. I chose the Grande Gelato – a mic of ice cream, meringue and fruit. After all the food I wanted something light and this ticked the box perfectly, a lovely dessert.

Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London
Review: Ask Italian - Park Street, London

Our first experience of Ask Italian was a really positive one. The food was wonderful, they were really family friendly and the service couldn’t have been better. It was a meal we would have enjoyed any day of the week but considering how busy it was – the last weekend before Christmas and in central London – we couldn’t have asked for anything more from Ask Italian. We will definitely be returning.



  1. August 15, 2016 / 11:00 pm

    We have an ASK in our town and I am pretty sure we haven’t taken the girls. I love it and by the looks of your pictures my girls will too. Their ice cream looks like every child’s dream! x

  2. Miss Tracy Hanson
    December 22, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    Have to agree. We dined there last Sunday and although they were rushed off their feet and had a party of 10 people come in just after us, we weren’t rushed at all. The staff were so friendly, it was a joy to be there. Something sadly lacking in restaurants these days. We were treated like we were the most important diners there despite how busy they were. Served by the lovely MOHAMMED (really wish I could remember if he had a second name) and the manager came across to see if we wanted anything else, or if everything was OK. The staff were attentive but not “in your face” all the time and like I said, we could have been VIP’s considering the treatment we received. Free shot of homemade lemonade on arrival, iced water with our meals and don’t get me started on the desserts. 🙂 I had to laugh at a lady we met going out of the door (finally when we decided to get the coach home before we were left in London) who stated “the scenery wasn’t too bad either”. I unfortunately had to agree, perhaps being “easy on the eye” was a job requirement lol. But the food was delicious, the service amazing and one complaint is we live too far away to go back when we dine out. If we go back to London next year I think we have to go again.

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