3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag Review

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British weather is so unpredictable – One day can be quite warm and the next freezing, especially in the middle of the night. The Gro Company recently gave us the chance to review one of their 3.5 tog Winter Warmer Grobags and knowing the weather will soon be getting colder it was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me by – Up until this point I only thought any brand of baby sleeping bags went up to a 2.5 tog rating. Knowing there’s a 3.5 tog option is a fantastic revelation to me!

3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag

The Winter Warmer 3.5 Tog Grobag we were sent came in The Gro Company’s usual packaging – a cardboard sleeve with all the information you need on it. It also comes complete with a useful hanger and a nursery thermometer guide so you can tailor your child’s clothing and Grobag thickness weight to the temperature in the room. We have a little collection of these thermometers now and they’re great for that little extra reassurance when putting your child to bed – whether at night or just for a nap.

3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag

What were our first impressions of the 3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag?

Our first impressions of the Winter Warmer Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag were that it was so lovely and soft! It has a velour outer with the lining being 100% cotton jersey and it feels so soft and snuggly – I wish they did them in my size and I would be tempted to hang up my onesie for a 3.5 tog Winter Warmer Grobag instead! The Grobag is recommended for temperatures of 12-15 degrees and babies should wear a sleepsuit with or without a vest underneath depending on the temperature – All this information is included with the Grobag.

3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag

What size is the 3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag available in?

The Winter Warmer Baby Gro Sleeping bag is available in sizes up to 36 months and Little Man felt snug but with a good amount of growing room in 6-18 month Gro bags. He also wore just a sleepsuit underneath – we’re used to putting him in a lower tog sleeping bag, sleepsuit and vest so tailored his sleepwear to the new Grobag tog and room temperature. The Grobag also has a side zip which we find to be the best style of zip on baby/toddler sleeping bags, and shoulder poppers.

What did we think of the 3.5 Tog Winter Warmer Grobag?

The Gro Company 3.5 tog Grobag is the perfect product for winter in the UK or holidays abroad. It feels luxuriously soft, great quality and Little Man slept well in it. I’d recommend a 3.5tog sleeping bag for anyone that finds their home feels cold overnight, doesn’t want to rely on heating overnight or anyone planning a holiday anywhere colder than at home. I’ve found it to be a really useful addition to Little Man’s bedding and am really pleased that a 3.5 Tog Grobag has been developed. Another great product from The Gro Company and so much safer than a duvet too. Any Grobag from the Gro Company shop would make a great gift for any parent.

You can find out more over on the Gro store and see the full range of products including sleeping bags for toddlers as well as information and advice like the Grobag tog chart and Gro bag what to wear advice.

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  1. I’m wanting to get the 3.5 tog geo bag for my daughter as the weather is getting colder just wondering whether we also need the heating on if it gets so cold as the air she breathes in will be cold.and also what are the temperatures for the 3.5 tog.thankyou 🙂


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