A Resolution For Me

I’ve given up doing resolutions as a whole, instead doing a Bucket List every year but I have been thinking for a few months about having one solitary resolution, one for me.

2015 is going to be the year I start doing more for me.

Since being pregnant and having kids I haven’t taken care of myself as much as I probably should have. I have never been the girliest of girls but making time to do the simplest things – like shave my legs as often as I should, straighten my hair regularly, put contact lenses in instead of wearing glasses all the time – have all gone out the window. Over the last four years I have done the bare minimum for me and it is now time for a change.

This year will be the year I get down to my own personal ideal weight, the illusive 10 stone, that I know I can be but haven’t been able to reach for years. To help this I am starting running again and I will complete Couch to 5k this time. I will aim to run 2-3 times a week and am looking forward to a new healthier me.

A Resolution For Me

I’m going to take lunches to work every day, eat a proper breakfast and start eating fruit regularly again. Our healthier lifestyle went out the window as soon as the weather got colder but I am making a stand – This has to change.

I am then going to go to bed earlier, before midnight on a regular basis. I will then get up earlier to give me time to get ready at a more leisurely pace and even straighten my hair – or even straighten it the night before. I will try and start doing my nails – this is something I have never really done but I look at other women’s nails and envy them, I’d love to have nice nails so I will put effort into this.

So, 2015 will be the year I start doing more for me. Nothing massive but changes that I want to make. I may be a Mum now but I can be a Mum and take care of myself too.

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  • Great resolutions! Amen to doing things for yourself – it’s so easy to let it all slide when you’re a mummy, I do too – so share quite a lot of these resolutions with you.

    Liam has just completed couch to 5k – and has now started his marathon training (4th May is his marathon) … so I can highly recommend it as a fab & do-able fitness app – it worked perfectly for him, and he did his first 5k park run in 28 mins just before Christmas and by new year was able to run 10k in 1 hour, he couldn’t run for 2 mins 8 weeks ago!

    I try really hard to do my nails often – as I used to bite them so badly & they looked horrendous, I was always majorly jealous of other ladies nails, so I made a big effort to break the habit, and now I have mostly nice long nails, and try to paint them often, makes me feel better about myself and more confident. I love OPI and Essie nail varnishes, if you want a recommendation – and I’d also suggest buying some OPI Solar Oil to rub on after you’ve painted them and then each day to moisturise (two of my cousins run very successful nail salons in Surrey, so I know a fair bit about the nail/beauty industry).

    My goal for weight loss is also the elusive 10 stone – we can totally get there!! 🙂 Let’s support each other – I do a weekly weigh in on a Friday morning (skipped this week as being ‘kind’ to myself is another resolution for me, so skipping the xmas ‘oh my god I’ve put on HOW much?’ weigh in, is part of that). For me, it makes sense mentally to start my week on a friday – it means I can have a few treats and go over my calorie goal fri, sat, sun and then I can see what the ‘damage’ is, and make that up mon-thur ready for weigh in again. I’m back to a 1200 calories a day limit from Monday, until I’m at 10 stone. Then I’ll swap to maintain calories, which I think will be between 1600-1700 calories a day hopefully – which will be easier to maintain long term.

    Exciting! I love a New Year to help you gain some perspective!

    Mmmwah xxxxx

  • I hear yay beaut! This is the first new year where I’ve not new preggers. Or looking after baby! So 2015 is getting my act together and reading and watching films and taking baths and being a normal human! x

  • These are great resolutions Donna. This was me this time last year, I just felt a bit lost and a bit ‘meh’ about myself. I lacked confidence, didn’t feel nice in anything I wore and just stopped making an effort. Doing my fitness mission really has helped me so much, I actually like buying clothes and making an effort now. I definitely have learnt more about who I want to be this year. Wishing you the best of luck with yours. xx

  • Great resolution, I too have decided to try and make more of any ‘me’ time I get and use it better, (not just watching TV). Sometimes it’s too easy to push those little me things down the list so that they don’t get done etc.
    Here’s to 2015 as YOUR year =)