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There are so many times as parents where things just don’t go to plan, times when you end up exasperated by things going any other way than the way you had imagined. But those times are the ones that, months or years later, you can look back on and laugh.

When LP was born we were pretty set on baby led weaning, and so, at six months, we started putting food in front of her, offering her parts of our meals and enjoying our meal times together. You can imagine it: two new parents, their six month old baby sitting at the table with them and having this picture perfect meal together each day.

But in reality those meal times are something that we still laugh about now. LP sitting in her Bumbo, eating in just her nappy to stop her clothes getting ruined and her whole body covered in food. She’d have food in her hair, in the top of her nappy, all over the floor and there was often food up the walls too.

Remembering the Funny Times of Parenting

It wasn’t exactly the way we had pictured our meal times to be when we embarked on our first weaning adventure but it was a means to an end and we knew, at the end of it, LP would be able to eat by herself – and that was the main thing. But three times a day, every day, for months that is how our dinners were.

Each dinner was followed by the necessity of a bath, LP’s hair had to be washed daily and we would often find food in the unlikeliest of places – but seeing her happy face throughout, seeing her gummy grin through the face of yogurt, we knew that those messy dinner times were bringing us some of the fondest memories.

Baby led weaning definitely gave us some of those ups and downs – it was so rewarding seeing LP feed herself and learn to eat without much help from Dave and I but it was also some of the messiest times we have had since we became parents – I’m so glad we have the photos to remind us of those fun but messy meal times.

Remembering the Funny Times of Parenting

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  1. Honestly those days seem like a lifetime ago to me now. What fabulous photos to look back on – oh and share on her 18th birthday obviously!

  2. Aw bless, super cute! I remember giving my eldest cooked apple for the first time. It was an eating apple so I didn’t think it would be too sour and trying to be a good parent I didn’t sweeten it at all. Her little face was a picture, it was clearly incredibly sour and she was horrified!

  3. We did baby led weaning too. But N was probably the cleanest eater going as a baby. He didn’t really play with his food, he just knew it was food and in it went. It’s been as he’s got older he’s messier now he’s not constrained, chats and fidgets.

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