Redhead Roundup – Health and Beauty Products {August}


Here are a few health and beauty products we’ve been using and enjoying over the last few weeks.

Childs Farm – Bubble Bath for Buccaneers

We have always loved Childs Farm products and their latest product, Bubble Bath for Buccaneers, is just as lovely to use as the rest of the range. It  bubbles up nicely, smells wonderfully of raspberry and looks good too – Little Man has taken ownership of it, saying that it’s his bubble bath!


Childs Farm – Essentials Kit

The Childs Farm Essentials Kit includes a lot of products that we have tried previously all in travel size bottles. In the kit is the Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash, 3 in 1 Swim, Moisturiser and Hair Detangler. The whole set would be great to take away on holidays, for a night away.


Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Black Toothpaste

I have never tried a black toothpaste before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste. It has activated charcoal and is very black in colour but taste really minty like a standard toothpaste. It still froths up like a standard toothpaste although this turns it more grey in colour.


Using the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste has been a great experience. I have always had issues with my teeth, being paranoid about the colour of them and this toothpaste has definitely made them whiter and it also makes them feel incredibly clean, more so than out previous toothpaste.

Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Gold Toothpaste

The Perfect White Gold Toothpaste has a really lovely spearmint flavour and works well to whiten my teeth and remove stains. I haven’t really noticed the gold in the toothpaste but it definitely works and leaves my mouth feeling fresh for hours after brushing my teeth.


Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Black Mouthwash

I love using mouthwash and the lovely clean feeling it gives you as soon as you’ve rinsed your mouth out. I was a bit sceptical of the Perfect White Black Mouthwash to start with – who wants to rinse their mouth out with black liquid?! But I gave it a go and was immediately converted. It’s quite a strong mouthwash but works really well, leaving my mouth incredibly fresh.


Disclosure: The above products were sent to us for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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