Redhead Roundup – Food & Drink {April}


Here are a few food and drink products we’ve been enjoying this month:

Aldi Pilsner

Hubby loves a nice beer and really enjoyed trying this Aldi Pilsner. It’s a lovely rich yellow and has a characteristic bitterness. It’s full of cereal and hop flavours and beautifully refreshing. Hubby enjoyed it with dinner but it would work just as well as a garden drink in the nicer weather – definitely a sociable choice. 


Godiva Gold Anniversary Collection

As it’s Godiva’s 90th anniversary this year they have created two Anniversary Collection boxes of chocolates to commemorate the occasion. The Gold Collection contains eight of Godiva’s most precious and iconic chocolates as well as a brand new fresh and fragrant rose and raspberry-flavoured chocolate.


This box of chocolates is beautiful – from the artwork on the outside of the box and the bow that holds it together all the way down to the chocolates inside. Each one tastes completely different to the others and in the 18 piece box there are two of each chocolate so you can even share. The Godiva Gold Anniversary Collection comes in 9 pieces or 18 pieces and would make a wonderful gift.


Vita Coco Chocolate Coconut Water

The children love Vita Coco Coconut Water and have been drinking it for quite a while now. It’s refreshing and makes a change for them from plain water but when we were sent Vita Coco Chocolate Coconut Water to try the children couldn’t have enjoyed it more.


The drink still tastes wonderfully of coconut water but has a really lovely chocolatey taste – amazing really as the drink is just 1% cocoa powder but it makes such a difference! The only thing is you have to shake it really well or you do get sludge resting in the bottom of the pack. When shaken up both the children and adults love Vita Coco Chocolate – probably as much as we love the original!

Frutree Sugar Free Drinks

The children were sent the range of Frutree Sugar Free Drinks to try and immediately loved the choice of flavours. The drinks come in summer berry, tropical, apple and orange and mango flavours.


Although Frutree drinks have zero sugar in them and no artificial sweeteners they are sweetened by a natural sweetener, the stevia plant. Little Man absolutely loved the drinks and would drink them all day if he could. LP wasn’t as keen as they were still quite sweet and she prefers to just drink water or heavily diluted squash. The drinks are great though, especially for days out and lunch boxes.

Calve Peanut Butter

As a family we love peanut butter so when Calve sent us their range of peanut butter to try we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Calve comes in crunchy, smooth and light varieties and is perfect for any peanut butter fan.



We have used the Calve Peanut Butter as we usually would – on toast, in sandwiches, in milkshakes and we even made ice cream with it. It’s really versatile and tastes great – a little sweeter than other peanut butters that we have tried and the crunchy is a little smoother than I would like but Calve as a whole is a great addition to our kitchen – and something we’ll be using for a long time to come!


Morse Toad

If you love personalised edible gifts then you will love Morse Toad. They let you create a message from chocolate blocks to send through the post – such a great alternative to just sending a card – and they taste great too! I have a full review and giveaway coming soon – watch this space!


Ella’s Kitchen Bars

Ella’s Kitchen’s great range of Fruity Bars are the perfect snack for children. Both LP and Little Man really enjoy them and they come in a great range of flavours.



Each pack also includes a superhero mask which make them so much more exciting than other snacks. They’re a great size for adding to lunch boxes or taking out and about and aren’t so big that you’ll worry they’ll spoil the children’s dinner. The fruity bars get a big thumbs up from LP and Little Man.


Ella’s Kitchen Smooshy Snack

The Ella’s Kitchen Smooshy Snacks are just like the pouches of purees that you get when children are weaning but these are aimed at toddlers and beyond to give them one of their five a day in a really fun and exciting way.


Both LP and Little Man love the Smooshy Snacks and it’s great that the range of flavours include both fruit and vegetables so that parents know they are getting a good nutritional balance in each snack.

LP and Little Man enjoy the Smooshy Snacks for dessert or during the day at their regular snack times. They’re perfect for taking on days out with us and work well in lunch boxes too. The resealable cap is a great added bonus!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. April 23, 2016 / 5:35 am

    Ohhh I may have to give chocolate coconut water a try! I am not a fan of real coconut water. I may enjoy that one! x

  2. April 23, 2016 / 6:09 am

    My girls loved those smooshy snacks too, they are fab for getting fruit & veg in older children. I can’t wait for your chocolate giveaway, what a great idea to have a personalised chocolate message. X

  3. April 23, 2016 / 8:22 am

    I love coconut water, great for race fuel in triathlons. Might have to try the chocolate version!

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