Redhead Roundup – Books {May 2016}


Here are a few books that the children have been enjoying this month:

Furry Monsters – Volcano Island

LP and Little Man love books with bold and bright illustrations and Furry Monsters – Volcano Island is packed full of them. Each double page spread is full of so many things to look at – furry monsters, animals, buildings and plants that they children were constantly pointing out new things.



The Furry Monsters – Volcano Island story is a little nonsensical with made up monster names and a story that jumps around quite a lot. The children found this fun and engaging although from an adult perspective it was hard to know what was going on although the children loved it.


The story of Furry Monsters – Volcano Island is about a volcano that explodes, dropping colourful eggs everywhere that hatch into furry monsters who make their way back to the volcano. The book kept the children interested throughout and at the end there’s a double page spread of monsters to spot through the book – complete with all the monster names. A great addition to the book.


Mr Men Birthday Party

Mr Men Birthday Party is one of a new range of Mr Men books launched to celebrate 45 years of Mr Men. It follows Little Miss Helpful on her quest to give Mr Silly the best Birthday ever. The book features so many familiar Mr Men characters and the children loved spotting their favourites.


In the end the Birthday party isn’t exactly as planned but it’s perfect for Mr Silly. This a great addition to the Mr Men range and one the children really enjoyed – especially as it was Little Man’s Birthday last week!


Mr Men Go Camping

Mr Men Go Camping is another new Mr Men book. It has the same lovely spread of pages with illustrations on one side and writing on the other, perfect for keeping the children’s attention.


Mr Men Go Camping tells the story of Mr Strong and his Mr Men friends going on a camping trip. It shows many of the Mr Men character’s personality traits and  shows them all working together. The children really enjoyed the book – especially the parts with Mr Wobble in them.


Mr Men Making Music

Mr Men Making Music tells the story of Little Miss Trouble’s quest to be in Mr Funny’s band. It features so many Mr Men characters, all playing different instruments and all auditioning to be part of the band.


This book actually taught LP and Little Man a lot about music and different instruments and they loved practicing which noises the instruments made along with the characters in the book. Both LP and Little Man really enjoyed this new Mr Men book.


Disclosure: We were sent the above books to include in this post however all opinions are my own.


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  1. May 18, 2016 / 11:01 pm

    Oh I had no idea there were new Mr men books out, my girls will be delighted!

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