Redhead Roundup – Books {March}


Most regular readers will know how much our family loves books. Here are a few books that we’ve all been enjoying this month:

The Story of a Seagull and the Cat who taught her to fly

The Story of a Seagull and the Cat who taught her to fly is a bit grown up for LP at the moment – aimed at ages 9-11 but LP has really enjoyed this book when we’ve read it together, a chapter at a time at bedtime.


The book is a tale of family, friendship and caring for the environment. When a seagull’s wings are covered in oil she manages to find somewhere safe to lay her final egg – on a balcony next to Zorba the cat. The cat promises to look after the egg, not eat the egg and teach the baby seagull to fly once the egg has hatched.


This is a really lovely book which is not only a joy to read but also teaches children so much about true friendship and helping each other. The book has cute black and white illustrations throughout and it’s easy to see why this is an International Bestseller.

Chimpanzees for Tea

Chimpanzees for Tea has fast become LP’s favourite book. It’s a story about a boy sent to get some shopping but loses his list and instead of the food items his mum asks for he comes home with a whole assortment of animals – who he then invites for tea!


The book has beautiful illustrations and each page has writing that swirls around the page to add emphasis and excitement to the text. It’s a fun story for the children to follow and the text flows so nicely with repetition and rhyme. LP and Little Man really love this book and it would be a great gift for any child.


In The Night Garden: The Bedtime Book

The In The Night Garden: The Bedtime Book is a great book to help your children drift off to sleep. Not only does it have a suggested bedtime routine to really help get your child into a sleepy mindset but it is also the perfect bedtime book to help the children feel sleepy.


The Bedtime Book bedtime story is quite long but it’s written in verse and each page is dedicated to a different In The Night Garden character. It follows Igglepiggle’s night time routine, helping all his In The Night Garden friends to go to sleep before settling down to sleep himself.



I’m not sure how sleepy this book made LP and Little Man but by the end of it I was ready for bed! The verse in the book flows so nicely and when read in a soft voice it really does make you feel quite sleepy. For young children who are just getting into a bedtime routine this would be a great investment – especially if they’re In The Night Garden fans.


Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild is a collection of hundreds of nature activities to complete as a family. Some of the activities require basic craft materials and so the book explains how to put together a toolkit of supplies from which you can then take the things needed for your chosen activities before venturing out.


This book has such simple outdoor pleasures like rolling down hills, finding a four leaf clover or playing shadow tag. They are things that childhood are made of but activities that you may not have thought to do with your children.

As well as the simple outdoor activities there are ideas for more complex things to do outdoors like jam jar fishing, building butterfly feeders and flower printing. The activities inside Born to be Wild are endless and it is a book that you could work your way through over many years of childhood. It’s a book that parents and children can enjoy together and one that would really help any family to make the most of time outside.


Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books

As part of the Parragon Book Buddy scheme we were sent two Disney Art Therapy colouring books – Disney Princess and Frozen. These are the perfect colouring books for older children or adults and have so many Disney images throughout the pages.


The Disney Princess colouring book lets you colour in princesses from the films, glass slippers and princess castles. It’s the perfect colouring book for any Disney fan and would keep you occupied for literally weeks – there’s just so much to colour in.


The Disney Frozen colouring in book not only lets you colour in the Anna and Elsa characters but also Olaf, Sven and Kristoff. There are also so many snow flakes to colour in and plenty of castles too. Colouring in is so relaxing and it also lets you explore your creative side too. Such lovely books for anyone who loves colouring in or adults looking to indulge in a new hobby.


Fred ‘n’ Friends – A Seaside Adventure

A Seaside Adventure is the latest adventure in the Fred ‘n’ Friends series – stories about Fred, a lovable sausage dog and his friends. In A Seaside Adventure Fred goes to the beach with his owners and ends up helping a crab to get his shell back – and meeting all sorts of other seaside creatures on the way.


Fred ‘n’ Friends – A Seaside Adventure has beautiful illustrations on each page and the text is written in verse, making it easy for the children to follow and interesting for them too. It is quite a long story but the verse makes it flow really smoothly and it keeps LP engaged throughout.


A Seaside Adventure is a really lovely book and LP is already asking to read more of Fred’s adventures to see what he gets up to next. I’m sure any child would enjoy the Fred ‘n’ Friends range of books.

Disclosure: We were sent the above books to include in this post however all opinions are my own.


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  1. April 1, 2016 / 12:24 am

    Oh these all look gorgeous books. Lia loves In The Night Garden and I love the sound of the bedtime book. The seagul one sounds very good too.

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