Redhead Roundup – Books {February 2016}


The children and I love reading. Here are a few books we’ve enjoyed this month – starting with a couple for me!

The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media

Now, as a blogger you would think that I know everything there is to know about social media. Wrong. I know quite a bit, yes, but I have my favourite social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and I know very little about the others. I find as well that I learn something new each day where social media is concerned.


So when I was sent The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media to review I hoped it would teach me something – and it really did! It’s quite a small book but packed with information, facts and tips. The perfect book to read over a weekend to make you feel like you’ve really used your time well.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media has given me an overview of social media, things to do and not do, ways to get yourself noticed, how to go viral, what’s legal and not as well as so much else. If you are taking your first steps into social media or if you feel like you know social media inside out I can guarantee that The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media will teach you something – and give you a few laughs along the way.

Galaxy Quick Reads

Last year I reviewed the range of Galaxy Quick Reads and absolutely loved them. This year I have been sent the new range to read and I know that each year I’ll love immersing myself in each of the £1 books.


Galaxy Quick Reads are just that – fairly short books that have lots of different genres to choose from. The books are all set out with good length chapters to be able to pick them up and put them down – the perfect book for a lazy afternoon, a quick read on a commute or your lunch break at work.

I have managed to read Quick Reads across a couple of hours in an afternoon and love being able to start and finish a story in one sitting but still feel the accomplishment of reading a whole book. I have loved these stories and I’m already looking forward to the next ones being released. If you’re trying to get back into reading or have never been much of a reader but would like to give it a go then these could be a good place to start.

My Giant Fairy Tale Activity Book

LP loves an activity book and is slowly getting used to the activities contained inside them. The My Giant Fairy Tale Activity Book is one of the biggest activity books LP has ever used. Each page is beautifully illustrated and crafted from good quality matt paper which is easy for her to write on.


Through the My Giant Fairy Tale Activity Book there are things to spot, games to play, pictures to colour and things to draw – so much more than any other activity book we’ve worked through with LP in the past.


The My Giant Fairy Tale Activity Book has so much to keep children occupied and would be the perfect gift. It’s the sort of book children could dip into when they have a few minutes or even a longer period of time. It would be great for long journeys, holidays or a weekend away.


Peekaboo 123

Little Man loves any books with flaps to lift and Peekaboo 123 is now one of his favourites. The book is about different animals racing along a beach and each flap within the book covers animals running the race.


Each flap in Peekaboo 123 has a really clear number on it – in text as well as just the number – and has more writing inside the flap describing the animal. Peekaboo 123 goes all the way up to number thirty and then has 40, 50 and 100 too.


If you are looking for an engaging book that really helps your child learn to count then Peekaboo 123 would be perfect. Both LP and Little Man love this book – the illustrations keep them amused, they love the story, love counting along and really enjoy seeing who makes it to the end of the race.


Peekaboo A to Z

Peekaboo A to Z is another fantastic lift the flap book, this time with the whole alphabet of animals contained inside. Peekaboo A to Z is made of really thick, good quality card and has two or three flaps on each double page.


Each page on Peekaboo A to Z features different animals, the name for the animal and the letter that it begins with. LP and Little Man love looking through this book, peeking under the flaps and learning new animal names – as well as learning the alphabet too.


In Peekaboo A to Z there are beautiful illustrations and fun fonts that really kept the children entertained. This is a great book for learning new words, learning the alphabet or just to have something new to read.


Colours Colours Everywhere

This book is one of the most durable and well made books I have seen in a long time. The whole book is based around the beautiful 3D shapes you can see on the front cover and Little Man loved the book from the first time he saw it.


Each double page is dedicated to a colour with one 3D shape showing on each page and other illustrations of more things in the same colour. Little Man loved telling me what everything was and he liked that as he turned the pages the 3D images started to disappear until the end of the book where all the different colours made a lovely rainbow.


Colours Colours Everywhere is a really lovely book for any child to read whilst learning the basic colours but it also teaches new words of every day objects. It’s a really tactile book that is lovely to look through and read. This would make a lovely addition to any bookshelf.


The Queen & Mr Brown – A Night in the Natural History Museum

LP knows all about the Queen and The Natural History Museum but until receiving The Queen & Mr Brown – A Night in the Natural History Museum to review she hadn’t heard of Mr Brown – but immediately loved The Queen’s corgi!


A Night in the Natural History Museum tells the story of the Queen and Mr Brown visiting London’s most iconic museum overnight to learn all about the exhibits but whilst at the museum so much happens that they weren’t expecting – although I won’t give the story away!


LP loved learning more about the queen, her beloved dog and the different things from the museum. She has insisted on reading the book so many times that she now knows the story off by heart – and cannot wait to visit The Natural History Museum again! This is a great book for any child.



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