Redhead Roundup – Books {December 2015}


Here are a few books and magazines that we’ve been enjoying this month.

Okido Magazine

We were sent two copies of Okido Magazine for the children to review and it was so different to any other magazine they’ve had. The arts and science magazine for kids at 3-8 year olds although Little Man loved the bright colours and interesting pictures of the magazines too.


Okido has really thick pages with a matt finish which make them easy to read and turn the pages. The pages also have beautiful illustrations and the whole magazine is crammed full of activities and entertainment for the children.


There are stories, things to learn, things to try at home and colouring in and other drawing activities and games. The children loved how much there was to look at and do in the magazines and due to their ages Little Man just looked at the pictures but LP loved colouring too. It’s easy to see how Okido would appeal as children get older.

LP and Little Man don’t mind if the magazines they read aren’t current – they have no concept of time or current affairs – and so when I saw that Okido offer back issues online for just £1 each I was impressed. This would be a great idea for stocking up for a holiday or weekend away and definitely something we would do in future.

Big Book of Christmas Stories

The Miles Kelly Big Book of Christmas Stories is a beautiful book that is perfect for this time of year but isn’t overly festive – so could be read at other times too. It includes four storied – The Nativity Story, The Nutcracker, The Snow Queen and The 12 Days of Christmas.


LP was already familiar with The Nativity Story but loved having her own version of it and getting to know the other stories too. Each story covers quite a few pages and each has beautiful full page illustrations. The fonts used in the book also change regularly which also add interest and emphasis to the text.



Both LP and Little Man really enjoyed this book and because it is hard back and has really good quality pages it would make a really lovely Christmas present. The stories will be enjoyed for years and they really are lovely versions of the classics. A really lovely book.


Winston Was Worried

We received Winston Was Worried as part of the Bookstart scheme from LP’s school and LP loves it. It has really lovely pictures and id all about Winston, a dog, and all of his dog friends.


LP understand this story although some of what is happening is in the pictures not just the words and she laughs at Winston’s worry and the mishaps of his friends. A really lovely story for any child.


I Saw a Shark

The children love picture books and to be honest I didn’t think you could improve much on the large picture book format – until we were sent I Saw A Shark. This book has added a whole new level to the children’s love of picture books with big flaps that look just like part of the book but then fold out to create a much bigger page and a whole new section of story too!


Each page in I saw a Shark is beautifully illustrated with two constant characters and others making an appearance just for a page or two. There is so much in each illustration to keep the children entertained and LP constantly spots something new when she’s looking at the pictures.



The story focuses on repetition and rhyme, making a story in verse that is easy for the children to follow. Each page has illustrations that go with that part of the story and show so many imaginary creatures doing weird and wonderful things that the children were interested throughout.


LP and Little Man loved this book. They really enjoyed the counting aspect of the story and really liked the pages folding out. This is a book any child is bound to love.


Disclosure: We were sent some of the above books to feature in this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. December 10, 2015 / 7:59 am

    So need to google Okido magazine my 3 kids are obsessed with that show! Thank you I didn’t know they did a magazine (I’m thinking stocking fillers )

  2. December 10, 2015 / 10:29 am

    Wow! I can’t tell you how good it feels as a writer when a book you’ve worked so hard on proves to be a success with the audience it’s aimed at. Thank you for this. Your positivity is very much appreciated.

    • December 10, 2015 / 2:50 pm

      It’s such a beautiful book – and great repetition too, thanks Moira! x

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