What the Redhead read – A Blog Series

This year I’m all about sharing the love. I have spent the last couple of years not only writing this blog and moving it forward as best I can but I have also been reading so many blogs and trying to be more of a part in the blogging community. Over this time I have not only made some fantastic friends but I have also found some great blogs to read too.

There will always be a place in my life for books but in those few minutes I have spare in the morning, on my lunch break at work or sitting in the car before picking LP up from school there is always time to read a blog post or two and for the more in depth blog posts I reserve time before bed to have a Bloglovin catch up too.

Blogs open up a whole wide, diverse world to me and show me a window into people’s lives. There are blogs I have cried over, ones I have laughed with and ones that I have virtually high fived over the last couple of years and so now I am going to be sharing those blogs with you.

As of next week I’ll be sharing a blog a week with you lovely readers. It will be my time to showcase my favourite blogs – ones I read because I love to read them, ones I can’t imagine not having in my Bloglovin feed and ones that I really think should have as many readers as possible.

Unlike other blog series this one won’t have people applying to be featured – it’ll purely be me, sharing blogs I genuinely love, one a week until I run out but with new blogs starting every day I doubt that will happen any time soon. So, check back next week for the first of What the Redhead read.

What the Redhead read - A Blog Series

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