Redhead Babyled turns One!

You may have seen my #AwesomeAugust posts celebrating Redhead Babyled’s Birthday month. Well today is the day. At 6am a year ago Redhead Babyled was born! I’d woken up with a three month old Little Man at about 5am and within an hour I had bought my domain name and hosting and spent the next weeks making Redhead Babyled how it looks today.

The name ‘Redhead Babyled’ had no real thought behind it – I had a wordpress blog previous called Red and Babyled and this just evolved to Redhead Babyled. I bought the domain as an impulse, spur of the moment decision and it couldn’t have been more fitting for my little space online. Redhead Babyled is an online version of my life and I, it has worked perfectly.

I gave myself one aim when I went self hosted a year ago and that was to blog every day – I had a lot to say, wanted to join in linkies and wanted to build content and since they I have stuck to my rule and have blogged every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. In the last year I have written in excess of 800 blog posts and I have loved having this momentum – I just hope it will continue.

This year has been phenomenal for my blog and I. I couldn’t have imagined that so much would have come from that early morning online. I have been to some amazing events, reviewed some awesome things and even made it into a national magazine. It has been incredible!

Most importantly I have met some fantastic people. I have been to BritMums Live for the first time – a place I saw all over Twitter last year and didn’t even know what it was! To be at the event this year, surrounded by people who I had spoken to, looked up to and admired online was incredible. I loved BritMums Live and cannot wait to go back next year!

I have made so many friends through blogging and I have found something I love, a hobby and my little place on the web. A year down the line and I can’t imagine not blogging. I love documenting our lives, I love the blogging community and I appreciate every single opportunity and email that comes our way.

Here are a few of my favourite, most popular or sometimes controversial posts from the last year:

My most viewed post, thanks to search engines, has been Weight Watchers – A New Simple Start – Over 23k views so far! Incredible. I love Weight Watchers and this plan really does work – If you stick to it – It’s very strict but you only have to do it for a couple of weeks to kick start your weight loss.

My most popular review posts, again thanks to search engines, are Checkout Smart App, Graco Evo Stroller, Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker, Y-Volution 3 in 1 Glider and our Tomy Video Baby Monitor. It’s amazing the things that get looked at by people every single day!

I also had a recent post about a new children’s play centre – Little Street – That gave me my most views in a day so far on my blog. The post was shared over 500 times on FB and I was astounded by how popular it was!

I absolutely loved my Baby Led Weaning blog series and all the BLW posts I wrote myself over the last year. It was a bit part of why I started blogging and it was great to document the weaning stages. I love my Beginning of Us blog series that is still ongoing and hopefully this will continue indefinitely!

I wrote some incredibly honest posts too about being bullied, having a dummy until I was four and our journey of getting into and out of debt. I’ve also been controversial in a few posts – my Convenience Food post got a lot more attention than I ever expected it to get! I also loved writing a recent post about a sky dive I did ten years ago – It’s always great to reminisce!

Thank you to everyone that comes back time and again to read – Whether you’re a blogger, a comper or just someone having a google and being sent my way – Thanks. It means a lot.

Happy Birthday Redhead Babyled!

Happy Birthday What the Redhead said - Two Today!

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