Reading {The Ordinary Moments}

After TV turning LP into a monster, we have gone back to only letting her watch it once a week or so as a treat. We had a few days of hell with her after she watched too much TV and we’ve had to drastically cut back to get our amazing Little Pickle back.

Since cutting out TV we’ve found that we’re not only playing a lot more but also reading a lot more too. LP has had a little cart of books downstairs for about 6 months now and she’ll go and pick one from it to either sit and read herself or at time she’ll sit with us and we’ll read her a story or she’ll point out the pictures in it and chat to herself about the pictures, making up her own stories.

Reading {The Ordinary Moments}

Reading is incredibly important to us as a family – we make sure LP has at least one but usually 2 or 3 stories at bed time and this is one of our favourite times of the day. But reading during the day is becoming much more common too and it’s lovely to snuggle on the sofa with LP, read a book and just spend some quality time together.

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  • I love love love reading with my girls – from the size of our bookcase it appears I have a slight book buying habit where they’re concerned. We have a no TV while it’s light rule which generally means they get to watch a little something while I cook dinner and before H gets home but the books are on call all day long and they’re some of my favourite moments.

    • The no TV during daylight is amazing – great rule! I have a very big book addiction too, overflowing bookcases and they’re getting lots more for Christmas – I can’t stop buying them! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

  • We probably let Mads watch to much TV- she doesn’t watch a lot but will watch it in the morning as a treat while eating breakfast (we don’t eat breakfast altogether). It then goes off but after naps we watch it until Daddy comes home, which is normally an hour. However we do play at the same time, it’s kind of just background noise. However we do read a lot as well, our house is full of books and we read at least 5 books a day. x