Pushchair Sleeping {The Ordinary Moments}

We try and walk LP to school as often as possible and not rely on the car. It means that LP and Little Man spend some time each day in the pushchair or on the buggy board and it’s a routine that Dave, Nanny and I are all used to when we take it in turns to take LP to school.

On the way home from school LP often sits on the buggy board because she’s so tired and we usually get home just before 12, have a relaxed lunch and then Little Man will go and have his nap. But at times, when he has woken up early or the week has just caught up with him he’ll fall asleep on the walk home. This doesn’t happen very often any more but when it does it’s lovely to see – he reverts to my little sleeping baby once again.

We wheel him into the kitchen, recline the pushchair slightly and leave him to sleep whilst LP starts her lunch and watches TV quietly in the lounge next door. He’ll usually stay like that for an hour or so, with his little content sleepy face. My gorgeous sleepy boy.

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