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Do you get cold sores? I haven’t had a cold sore in years but I know how awful they can be – and the risk they pose in pregnancy and to new babies. Also known as the herpes simplex virus type 1, 90% of the population in Europe carry the virus but only 30% of carriers get cold sores.

If you’re one of those people who do get cold sores you’ll know the signs, that first tingle when you’re already feeling run down or coming through a cold or virus. But what if there was a way to stop a cold sore from developing? Something you could use when you feel that first itch on your lip? Well, there is.

HERPOtherm is a heat treatment that has been created to stop cold sore blisters from developing if applied early enough and it’s suitable for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and children over 12. I had never heard of this before and thought that cold sores were something you had to suffer with until they disappeared – what a revelation!

The HERPOtherm electronic cold sore pen is a medical device that is completely free of chemicals. It’s one less medicine or ointment to put on your skin and it works just by putting concentrated heat on the area of your lip when you feel that first tingle of tightness.

You can also use the HERPOtherm heat treatment once the blister has formed which can help with the severity of the blister or help it to fade sooner. This sounds like such a welcome alternative to covering your face in cold sore creams or patches. A more discreet solution that can stop cold sore blisters from appearing or, if you miss those first signs, it could help the cold sore to clear up faster.

HERPOtherm has been extensively studied to prove that it works. In the studies the observation group showed a significantly faster improvement in all symptoms after the first day of application compared to treatment with acyclovir, an ingredient found in many cold sore treatments. The burden and duration of disease was lower and shorter using HERPOtherm in comparison to acyclovir.

I love reading about the science behind things like this and HERPOtherm works by killing the virus underneath the skin before the cold sore blister appears. You simply put the HERPOtherm pen against the affected area of skin, press a button and the tip heats to 51°C for 3 seconds before automatically switching off. It couldn’t be easier.

Having read this you may still not be convinced. And, seeing the price tag of £36 with HERPOtherm I wasn’t dubious – you can get creams for less than £5.

So why should you invest in HERPOtherm rather than a cream?

  • HERPOtherm is dermatologically tested and can be used forever. You just buy it once and can use it as many times as you need to. It won’t go out of date like a cream or run out.
  • Creams don’t always work for everyone but, if used early enough HERPOtherm really does work. There have been solid claims with effective results.
  • Creams can be greasy and leave noticeable residue but aside from a temporary red mark HERPOtherm has no other trace. Plus, it can be kept in your bag for when you need it without fear of it leaking!

If that wasn’t enough, until 20th March HERPOtherm has £5 off on Amazon, making it just £31. You can find out more over on their Amazon page and it’s also on Amazon Prime if you need it in an emergency!


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