Potty Training – Initial Thoughts

LP is now 25 months old and at the stage where a lot of her friends are starting on their potty training journey. This has made us start considering potty training too although I am more than sceptical.

LP knows when she’s been to the toilet, and she is starting to tell us when she needs to go. She knows the difference between a wee-wee and a be-boo and knows that adults use the toilet rather than having nappies on – her knowledge is really good!

LP’s best friend AW has now been potty trained for a few months and their potty training journey was incredibly easy (they may disagree with me on this!) but they had 3 days at home that were hard work – sitting AW on the potty every 10-15 minutes. After that AW more or less told them when she needed to go and went to the potty herself. She’s now at the point where she uses the toilet rather than the potty and just has nappies at night and for naps although these are getting drier as time goes on.

This has spurred me into thinking that we should at least give LP a chance to use the potty – there’s no reason not to really, it’s just my worry about mess, cleaning up and hard work that is in the way of starting our potty training journey – and that isn’t really a good reason to delay it!

So AW’s Mummy has lent me some potty training books, I am reading up, and we are potty training at the start of October. At this stage I am very much thinking it isn’t going to happen – but LP may surprise me! I just think we should give it a go and if it doesn’t work out we’ll leave it a few months and try again. There isn’t any rush at all.

Potty Training - Initial Thoughts

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